Choosing the Right Door for Your Log Cabin

The doors for your log cabin call for significant consideration, whether you’re just designing your log cabin or looking at remodeling. Where the doors are and what they’re made of can significantly affect the functionality of your home. Merely putting an entry in a random spot made of unknown material can be disastrous.


The location for a door is an important consideration. For example, placing the front door of your log cabin far away from where people park will result in disuse. You also cannot neglect where the door comes into the room in your planning either. If you keep all doors in the middle of walls, you’re sacrificing wall space and a degree of flow.

The location of doors also affects their level of exposure to the elements. On your cabin, any entry with southern exposure will take a beating from the sun’s UV rays. The resulting fade means you’ll need to perform more maintenance without the proper materials. Additionally, prevailing wind directions can indicate which side of your cabin will experience more moisture. Over the decades, which can add up to significant issues with doors.

Material Options


Wood seems like the natural choice for your log cabin doors. It’s guaranteed to fit with your log cabin’s aesthetic. However, wood tends to decay. For an exterior door, that means you will spend some of your precious cabin time refinishing doors every couple of years. The exterior doors, in particular, will need your attention. However, the aesthetic of wood is a guaranteed log cabin fit without any initial maintenance activity.


Steel is a practical choice for your cabin doors as well. Steel doors are incredibly durable, which minimizes your maintenance time for them. That’s huge on exterior surfaces. The drawback to that durability is how hard dents are to get out of steel. Over time, your doors will accumulate them regardless of how well you protect it.

Getting a look that matches up with your log cabin feel can be difficult. A steel door made to look like it has a wood grain can be a relatively expensive proposition. However, if you’re handy, you can make your own using a standard steel door. This project requires you to use paint or stains to create your own textured look. With a little sweat, you can create the perfect match for your log cabin.


Fiberglass is a superb choice for your log cabin exterior doors. Fiberglass can be manufactured to match wood without an add-on cost. This embossing will match your log cabin feeling well. Additionally, fiberglass is durable, so you won’t have as much maintenance time.

The downside is that fiberglass is the most expensive of the three options. Fiberglass is a composite of several materials, which is useful for elemental exposure protections. However, the proprietary blending and manufacturing take a toll on the affordability of the doors.

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