What is Chinking?

jones mountain cabin by https://www.flickr.com/photos/wcouch/ If you’re thinking about buying, building or restoring a log home, you’ve probably encountered the term “chinking.”

But what, exactly, is chinking? And how does the chinking of an authentic log home differ from the chinking of TruLog™, a maintenance-free steel siding system that replicates the look and texture of timber without the need for costly annual inspections and service?

The Chinking in the Armor

Chinking is a caulk-like sealant used to fill the gaps between the logs in log homes. Backer rods, or backing rods, are generally first placed between the logs, and the chinking fills the space around the rods and between the logs.

Chinking helps protect log structures from drafts, moisture and pests. Most modern chinking is also formulated to expand and contract with the weather, and with residual shifting of the wood.

With time, however, even the best chinking will crack and deteriorate. A log home’s exterior—including the chinking—should be inspected and cleaned annually, and chinking should be replaced when it shows signs of wear. And, as one couple learned while restoring a Depression-era log cabin in Oregon, rechinking a log home can be an arduous process.

TruLog’s Chink Lines

Although chinking serves a practical purpose, many log home lovers admire the aesthetics of chinking. Chinking not only seals the spaces between the timber, it provides refined lines and visual contrast between the logs.

In designing the innovative, energy-efficient TruLog steel siding system, its creators were careful to preserve what people love about log homes, including the chinking. TruLog features distinctive grain and hew lines, as well as defined chink lines.

Unlike conventional log homes, however, TruLog requires no routine maintenance. Highly durable and well insulated, TruLog is also easy to keep clean; a simple rinse from a garden hose is enough to wash away dirt, pollen and other debris.

To learn more about the benefits of TruLog steel siding, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in multiple states, including Colorado, Wyoming and Missouri.

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