Chalet Luxury Everywhere: A Guide to Luxury Vacation

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Love your TruLog home, but looking for a little inspiration to crank up the luxury? Then take a look at the Chalet Zermatt Peak!

The chalet, situated above the village of Zermatt in Switzerland, is the ideal picture of a mountain getaway. The Chalet Zermatt Peak was designed by internationally-renowned designer Paul Bowyer, and rated at a ritzy five-stars from the Swiss Hotel Association, it stands as one of the top destinations for mountain getaways in all of the Swiss Alps!

Of course, that’s if you can foot the minimum bill of 70,000 dollars for a week’s stay. If not, don’t worry! There are plenty of other places right in our backyard that can give you the luxury feel of a mountain getaway without the international travel and the astronomical bill.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

While they’re not the Swiss Alps, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains feature some of the most breathtaking views in the Lower 48. From high-end luxury destinations like Aspen to out-of-the-way retreats like Telluride, Steamboat Springs, or Gunnison, there are countless places to visit that’ll make you feel like royalty. Just take a look at these luxury vacation rentals, and tell us you wouldn’t mind spending some time there!

Still want to travel outside the US? Then check out…

Whistler BC, Canadian Rockies

Boasting some of the wildest mountains and best skiing on the North American continent, Whistler stands as a destination that can’t be beat. If you don’t believe us, check out some of the vacation rentals available! And it’s not just Whistler that makes the Canadian Rockies special– take a look at Banff, Alberta. With views like that, who needs the Alps?

Or how about other, lesser-known destinations? If you’re looking for a lesser-travelled mountain getaway, there are a whole bunch of areas that boast wild, luxury mountain retreats. For something more off the beaten path, why not look at some “glamping?” Glacier Under Canvas, located in Glacier National Park in Montana, is a unique, one-of-a-kind take on luxury that lets you experience the mountains as they should be– just roll out of bed and into the wilderness!

Of course, if you’d rather have access to that kind of luxury year-round, you could always take a few design tips from the Chalet Zermatt Peak! Your log cabin should be a reflection of the life you’ve always wanted. Make sure it’s built out the way you deserve! Contact TruLog today, and we’ll help you build the luxury cabin of your dreams.

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