The Best Alternative to Cedar Bevel Lap Siding

The Best Alternative to Cedar Bevel Siding - Tru Log Siding

Cedar bevel siding is a common exterior for residential structures and businesses alike. Its versatile appearance accommodates many architectural styles, and bevel cedar siding can be seen in bustling cities and small towns from coast to coast. Keeping that aesthetic appearance in top form can require endless hours of upkeep and maintenance, which is why many builders are turning to a smarter alternative: wood-look steel siding.

When shopping for alternatives to cedar bevel lap siding, it’s important to consider every detail, like cost, installation, durability, and performance. Once you take a hard look at these factors side by side, the comparison to steel makes it very clear — metal cedar siding is the better investment.

Still not sure how wood cedar bevel siding stacks up against steel? Take a look!

Steel Can Recreate the Beauty of Cedar Bevel Siding

Why is cedar bevel siding so popular? That’s simple: it looks good. Rough sawn cedar bevel siding is essentially lumber that has been resawn at an angle so that one edge has a tapered thickness to it. The overlapped look creates beautiful shadow lines when installed on a home’s exterior.

Timber that is manufactured in this way showcases gorgeous wood grain patterning that adds character and depth to the home, making Western red cedar bevel siding a consistently popular choice.

Steel siding producers have made incredible strides in their manufacturing processes as well, and now there is an abundance of cedar-style siding that provides the same aesthetic appeal of natural wood. Truly, when it comes to surface beauty, wood cedar bevel siding doesn’t hold an edge anymore.

Bevel Cedar Siding Has Big Downsides

Natural cedar siding comes with a long list of downsides that make it a constant chore for homeowners. Since it is natural wood, it is extremely vulnerable to moisture damage, which can lead to sagging, rotting, and warped panels. A waterlogged board can also create ideal conditions for mold growth, which is another major concern.

Wood siding is also flammable, making the risk of  fire top of mind for homeowners. There are treatment products that can add a slight layer of resistance, but at its core, wood will always remain a highly flammable material.

In addition, insects and pests raise the risk of cedar bevel siding becoming damaged. In addition to the routine maintenance, caulking and staining is also  required for natural wood siding to remain attractive.

Best Cedar Bevel Siding Alternative

The Importance of Switching to Steel

Switching to cedar-style bevel that’s crafted from high-quality steel can be the solution instead of having to deal with all the weaknesses and risks of natural cedar. 

Here are some of the most important ways that steel alternatives can provide better advantages than cedar bevel siding.

Saves Money

Steel can save homeowners money that would otherwise go into expensive repairs and routine maintenance for cedar siding. Unlike cedar, which requires seasonal caulking, staining, and resurfacing to maintain its appearance and protection from the elements, steel siding is maintenance-free. The long-lasting durability of steel means homeowners won’t be spending tons of money on repairs.

Saves Time

Another reason steel is a better choice than cedar is that it can save homeowners a lot of time. Upkeep is a breeze. Plus, steel lap siding has an innovative, strip and lock design that makes installation fast and easy — no siding specialists or busy carpenters needed!

Steel Is a Better Choice Than Cedar

Better Protection

Steel is inherently more durable than cedar, and its strength yields better protection for the home. The scrapes, chipping, sagging, and color fading that is common with cedar siding is not an issue with steel. Steel lap siding provides better protection against fires, since it’s not nearly as flammable as natural wood.

No Style Sacrifices

Finally, bevel lap siding made from steel can offer the same authentic grain patterning as natural wood, and there are plenty of style options to choose from, and it also comes in a wide range of colors. A UV protectant clear coat on the steel siding panels is designed to keep a consistent color and sheen for years — no need to constantly stain and paint each season as is common with cedar.

TruLog Products Are the Best Alternative to Cedar Bevel Lap Siding

TruLog has high-quality bevel lap siding made from steel —- but with the gorgeous appearance of natural cedar. A Class A Fire Rating and long-lasting, low-maintenance performance make TruLog siding the best alternative to cedar bevel lap siding that you can find at Lowes or Home Depot.

Instead of settling for basic bevel lap siding made from cedar, download our Lap Siding Buyers Guide today to explore all the maintenance-free, long-lasting lap steel siding they have available!

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