Canine Heroes Save Homeowners from House Fires

dog photo The story of the family pet heroically saving its owners doesn’t just play out on the big screen — Every month there are new reports worldwide of dogs risking life and limb to protect others.

Just last week, an Australian family’s boxer, Mack, sustained several snakebites defending their daughter from a tiger snake. Don’t worry, they were able to get Mack to a veterinarian and he has recovered fully! Meanwhile Zeus, an English Staffordshire bull terrier, alerted his owner to an elderly neighbor’s plight in Washington. The man had collapsed in his back yard, where he had been lying for two days awaiting help.

Clearly, dogs are more than man’s best friend. They’re also our best protectors! One disaster that dogs so often guard us from are fires. In fact, this past month revealed two new heroes who saved their owners from house fires.

Dogs Alerted Owners to Fires

In mid-December, not one but two different dogs living in Greenville, Tennessee alerted their owners to house fires.

One homeowner, Ryan Selfridge, heard his dog barking at the front door. When he went to see what was upsetting the dog, he encountered heavy smoke. Unfortunately, the garden hose he tried to use to put out the fire was fully frozen. Thanks to their dog’s vigilance, though, Selfridge and his wife were able to call the fire department in time to save the house (although it sustained heavy damage), and no one was injured.

Unfortunately, the other homeowner whose dwelling caught fire that day wasn’t so lucky. Mark Moore’s dog woke him that same evening when the log cabin where they live caught fire. Moore suspects it was the cabin’s electrical box that started the blaze. The cabin was 160 years old, and the dry wood went quickly. According to Moore, who suffered minor burns to the face, he and his dog only barely made it out of the cabin in time.

Moore ran to a neighbor’s house in his socks to call the fire department, but by the time they arrived, the cabin was fully engulfed in flames.

Don’t Let Your Log Cabin Be Firewood

Even if you have a trusty canine pal to alert you to danger, fire is a risk for any homeowner. Metal siding is recommended by experts as an exterior material that provides excellent fire protection. TruLog steel siding is fire-resistant and can help provide the extra time needed to evacuate a home safely in case of fire.

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