Canadian Cedar Car is the Fastest Motorized Log

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According to,* the President of Pioneer Log Homes just achieved a Guinness World Record for creating the fastest motorized log, a record which, at least for now, is uncontested. Bryan Reid Sr.’s record-setting cedar log vehicle is named the “Cedar Rocket,” and it will later be auctioned at Barrett-Jackson with all proceeds going to support veterans of war.

The “Cedar Rocket”

The vehicle is said to be created mostly from a single tree. During a test run at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Arizona, the cedar log topped out at a speed of about 55 mph, a speed that Reid says would have been much faster if he had more distance for the run.

The proceeds for the log’s eventual sale go to an important cause. Creating such a novel vehicle is also interesting in and of itself because it demonstrates the versatility of wood materials. Wood is well-suited to some of humanity’s more creative endeavors. From houses to trailers and now a car of sorts, wood has been used for a variety of siding purposes. Even when considering the application of logs to the structures we live in, logs have enabled creative people across the globe to dwell in a wide variety of houses, from the rustic to the most elegant. Campers and tiny houses can even be created in the log-home style.

Innovating Your Own Log-Style Project

For many people, an alternative to real logs is desirable for their project. Logs have been used in construction since the inception of America, but for some, a recyclable, affordable alternative is preferred. The snag many people encounter is finding an alternative that mimics the look of logs realistically. Our team has developed TruLog™ to look just like logs, and to work for a wide variety of projects, from homes, to sheds and even campers.

Whether you’re cost-conscious, environmentally minded or have another reason for looking for an alternative to logs, TruLog™ might be the right match for you. Some of the advantages of our siding product include:

  • Durable, heavy gauge steel resists hail damage and weathering
  • Steel material is 100 percent recyclable
  • Saves consumption of timber from the natural environment
  • Increases the energy efficiency of your home

Like real logs, TruLog™ is easily adapted to your unique project. Our team wants you and your family to be able to enjoy the aesthetics of logs without the hassle of log maintenance and expense.

To learn more about TruLog™ steel log siding, please call our experienced team in Loveland, CO, at 970-646-4490 or contact us online. We ship steel siding directly to your construction site. When you call our experienced team, we’ll be happy to prepare a free estimate for the cost of your TruLog™ project.


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