Camps not just for Kids (And Cabins not just Made of Logs)

Bernie & Doug at Camp 3 by anoldent Summer camps aren’t solely for kids anymore, just as traditional log cabins aren’t the only option for rustic retreat housing.

The innovative TruLog™ steel siding system offers the look and charm of an old-fashioned cabin with improved durability and energy-efficiency, and without the costly maintenance concerns. If you’re a camp owner or operator seeking to upgrade your guest cottages, please call 970-646-4490 to learn more about TruLog.

Grown-Up Camps

Attending some form of summer camp has long been a rite of passage for children; it also provides a much-needed break for parents.

In fact, as pointed out last summer in a Buzzfeed article, many parents take advantage of the seasonal downtime to attend a summer camp for adults. Grown-ups can reconnect with their youth at outdoor camps that feature archery, teach basic survival skills, and include plenty of time for hiking, paddling and stargazing. There are also adult band, space, cooking, wine and yoga camps.

Adult summer camps can be life-changing experiences. A Travel and Leisure article about the quirkiest adult camps details the stories of a crossword camp participant who went on to create puzzles that appeared in The New York Times and other publications, and a poker camp attendee who went on to become a champion tournament player.

Grown-Up Cabins

While kids may enjoy the adventure and novelty of spending a week or longer in a flimsy tent or rickety log cabin, adult campers often enjoy cozier accommodations.

TruLog siding gives your camp cabins, and your campers, the best of both worlds. TruLog replicates the appearance and texture of authentic timber, but it is composed of durable steel backed by foam panels for superior insulation.

Unlike natural wood that is cut and treated to assemble log cabins, TruLog is built to last. Traditional log cabins require costly annual maintenance, and they are vulnerable to pests and the elements. TruLog provides exceptional protection, and it is maintenance-free; the appearance of your TruLog cabin can be maintained with a simple rinse from a garden hose.

If you’re considering re-siding your cabins or looking for a cost-effective alternative to a log home, please contact TruLog online or call us at 970-646-4490 for more information. TruLog is based in Loveland, Colorado, but we ship nationwide and work with installers in multiple states including Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

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TruLog Product Catalog

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