Cabin Lighting Ideas

There’s so much to think about when it comes to the interior of your log cabin. One of those is the correct lighting. It’s thought that darker walls and furnishings can absorb up to a whopping 50% of your light, so it’s a really important thing to consider when decorating your home.

In this article, we will look at some of the best log home lighting ideas, so you can have a brighter and more well-decorated cabin!

Use ambient and focus lighting

Our first tip is to use a mix of ambient and focus lighting. Some lights should illuminate the surroundings, whereas others should spotlight a particular task or activity. For example, you might wish to highlight areas of the kitchen where you might chop vegetables or the stovetop.

Consider uplighting

You can use standing floor lamps as uplighting. This is when your lighting faces up, and it helps to bounce any light off the ceiling. Especially useful with light-colored ceilings, this can help your room look bigger and more spacious.

Use different light sources

Using one central location for your lighting can create glare and harsh light, and can make other areas of the room seem too dark. It’s usually recommended to have at least three or four light sources, like lamps of different sizes and accent lighting. Chandeliers are also quite good for a spread of light.

Trial and error

As no cabin is different, another tip would be to try as many things as possible. For example, you could try lights on walls or columns, ceiling spotlights and bigger ceiling fixtures. Over time, you should assess which works best for your specific cabin.

Finding the right lighting for your log cabin is no mean feat, but by trying a few things and being open to change, you should find the perfect solution for you!

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