Cabin History

People have built with logs for centuries. First, they were the main home of settlers, and nowadays, they are more common as vacation settlements. But did you know that the idea of log cabins came from Europe initially? In this article, we will look at the history of building with logs. 

European history

Log cabins are thought to originate in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. It is unsure which part of Europe built them first, but both Scandinavia and Eastern Europe have very cold winters, and they were obviously well-insulated buildings that could keep people warm. 

“The art of log construction is relatively simple and easy to acquire, once a few basic principles are understood”

The pine and spruce trees that are common in Scandinavia worked well when constructing log cabins, and they could be quickly built whatever the season.  

Evidence suggests that people in Northern Europe were living in cabins in the Bronze Age (around 3500 BC). 

People in European countries like Norway lived in log cabins through the medieval periods, although log cabins were usually portable at this time! 

American history

Pre-colonisation, Native Americans lived in various dwellings, but it wasn’t until settlers came to America in the 17th century when log cabins were introduced. It is thought that the first of these cabins were built by 1640. In fact, many historians believe it was in fact the Swedes and Finns who brought log cabins over – there was a Swedish colony in the Brandywine River and Delaware River valleys. 

The construction of log cabins was quick and easy, and when future European settlers saw people living in these, they followed suit – as they often needed to find somewhere to live before winter came! 

“Round logs were so plentiful in the forested areas of our country that the pioneer, with his resourceful ingenuity, built his home with them”

American present

As building techniques have evolved over time, the role of log cabins has shifted. Most Americans who own log cabins have it as their second home, somewhere where they can retreat into the wilderness and enjoy nature at its finest.

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