Cabin-friendly cookbooks – here are some you’ll love!

Every cabin-dweller knows that cooking in a cabin is different from cooking in a typical house. Sometimes your tools – and ingredients – are limited, and it can be challenging to think of delicious recipes that are both nutritious and easy to make.

Luckily, plenty of people have found themselves in similar situations – and there are tonnes of cabin cookbooks catered for people in small spaces and with limited resources. Whether you are a cabin-owning family and you want to purchase something for your other half for Christmas, or if you wish to buy something for yourself, these cabin friendly cookbooks are excellent purchases.

The Camp and Cabin Cookbook

This book has over 100 recipes that can be made in your cabin, over a campfire – or anywhere else! Laura Bashar, the author, has a philosophy that you shouldn’t have to compromise on delicious and nutritious food when you’re at a cabin or even camping. She includes hearty and delicious meals that will leave you craving more, all with the most simple recipes and tools.

Expect to find delicious ingredients like dutch oven lasagna, street tacos, and a blueberry and peach cobbler. You might even find that you use some of these recipes when you’re back in the city!

The Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook

If you don’t have an actual oven, you could invest in a Dutch oven, which can be used over a roaring campfire. The Camp Dutch Oven Cookbook has over 85 unique recipes, which only have five ingredients each. This means that they’re straightforward to make, but they are also guaranteed to be some of the tastiest oven-baked meals you’ve ever had.

With a dutch oven and this recipe book, you can make meals like crusty bread, coconut chicken, and buttermilk biscuits. Is your mouth watering yet? We thought so!

Winter Cabin Cooking

Are you staying at the cabin during the colder months? If so, you might want some heartier meals than the standard cabin fare. Winter cabin cooking specializes in just that. With this recipe book, you can eat some of the finest winter cuisines in the world. The author, Lizzie Kamenetzky, took inspiration from mountain settlements worldwide and has adapted the recipes to make them cabin friendly.

Recipes include pain aux raisins, French onion soup, spaghetti bolognese, and cassoulet. You’ll find a mix of classic dishes – perfect for fussy eaters – and fine dining meals that have been adapted to make them cabin-friendly.

Feast by Firelight

Emma Frisch, the author of Feast by Firelight, wants to demonstrate some recipes that make cooking outdoors easy and fun. It is foremost a recipe book, with 70 recipes, but it also gives some top tips for cooking al-fresco or in a cabin. You’ll learn how to do everything from this book – from cooking some delicious recipes to cleaning your cooking apparatus after dinner!

Cabin cooking is an art, but with these cooking books, you’ll quickly get the hang of it! They’ll show you excellent recipes, so you don’t have to skip healthy and delicious meals when you go to your woodland cabin.

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