Cabin Essentials

If you are planning a cabin vacation, you need to make sure that you pack right – particularly if you are staying somewhere in nature, where you won’t necessarily be able to just pick up something from the store if you forget.


There are a few different types of kitchenware that you’ll need when going to a cabin. For starters, a frying pan or cooking pot are essential. Also, don’t forget knives, forks and spoons as well as plates and bowls.

Some cabin kitchens are quite well stocked, so you may not actually need everything – speak to the cabin owners before travelling and assess what they include. However, it’s important to remember these if you are moving into your own cabin!


If you are just renting a cabin, all the furniture will be provided. However, if you are buying one you will probably want furniture like a bed, sofas, and other items. If you are renting the cabin, don’t forget camping chairs and outdoor furniture – this may not always be provided.

Storage space

Oneo the most essential parts of kitting out a cabin is finding storage solutions. You should make sure that you have storage space under your bed, as well as plenty of boxes that you can hide away for other storage.

First Aid Kit

Whether you are on vacation or living in a cabin, a first aid kit is essential. As well as bandages and plasters, you will want to include insect spray and sunblock. Remember that you will be getting out and about a lot more while staying at your cabin, so there may be a higher chance of illnesses and accidents happening!

This list is just a few things to remember if you are furnishing or vacationing in a cabin. There is, of course, lots more that you may need!

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