Buying a Log Home: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

If you’ve had your eye on the home marketplace, there’s a good chance that you have noticed many individuals buying log cabins. They seem to be selling like hotcakes these days, but this comes as no surprise to anyone who has experienced what life in a log home can be like.

When you consider all the advantages of this particular homestead style, buying a log cabin may sail towards the top of your list. With a charming aesthetic that conjures a nostalgic appreciation for nature and the American frontier, log cabins tend to catch the eye of people interested in having a place to go for a weekend retreat. But log cabins are much more than an occasional sanctuary away from the big city. Many homeowners are buying log cabins to use as their main home—even if they aren’t based out in the middle of the woods!

Buying a log home can be a wonderful milestone in creating the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. But if you’ve never owned this type of property before, there are a few things you may want to think about before buying a log cabin. Consider these five things you need to know before buying a log home of your own.

1. There’s more than one look!

Buying A Log Home 1

If you’re new to buying log cabins, you may have one particular image conjured up in your mind. Don’t sell yourself short! There are several design options available on the market today.

From variations in architecture – ranch homes, A-Frames, and multi-level structures – to variations in siding – traditional log stacks, measured beams, vertical wood paneling, board and batten exterior – there are many styles to consider when buying a log home. Once you settle on a particular structure style, you’ll need to explore color options, too.

2. It’s easy to blend exterior and interior aesthetics.

The log cabin look doesn’t have to stop at just the exterior. In fact, many home designers recommend bringing this specific ambiance indoors and integrating it into your interior design plan. Think about which interior layout makes the most sense for your style—rustic, exposed beams, polished and organized logs, loft-style layouts.

There are many interior styles that can complement the charming exterior look of a log cabin. You may even want to draw this design choice in further by having the interior furnished with wooden, cabin-style chairs, tables, handrails and more.

3. Traditional wood requires careful upkeep.

Buying A Log Home 2

The choices you have when buying a log home extend far past the visual components. You’ll also need to make choices on the building materials you use. Many uninformed home shoppers don’t realize that they have a choice when it comes to logs: traditional wood or steel log siding.

Traditional wood requires a heavy amount of upkeep, including repainting and repairing panels that have cracked, warped, faded, or rotted. Unlike traditional wood, steel log siding is much more durable – and flame-resistant – so you won’t need to perform all these expensive and time-consuming maintenance tasks.

In addition to being a much more durable material, steel log siding maintains the pristine look of real wood, so you can still achieve the classic log cabin look. Investing in steel log siding upfront can be a game changer when renovating or buying a log cabin.

4. Consider your sustainability goals.

If being eco-friendly is a priority for your household, you’ll want to factor in the environmental effects of the building choices you make when buying a log home. To cut back on wood consumption, opt for steel log siding instead of raw wooden beams. To decrease energy usage, consider installing solar panels or planting large trees to provide additional shade.

Energy efficient windows can also play a large role in maintaining indoor temperature control, and thereby cutting back on energy usage. There are many choices that an informed home builder can make to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing getting the home of their dreams.

5. The surroundings can play a major role in curb appeal.

Buying A Log Home 3

There’s no doubt about it: log cabins are distinct. Many homeowners are drawn to this pleasant look and consider buying a log home of their own, but some don’t realize that the surroundings play a big part in the home’s exterior appeal. You should always consider the surrounding landscape, including trees, hills, fences, driveways, and other features in order to decide how your log cabin can best complement the plot of land it will adopt.

In areas where log cabins aren’t as common, consider how you can use landscaping to help showcase the home in a flattering way, so the home doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb amidst other structures. Landscaping can be an excellent way to integrate a log cabin into any area.

Renovating or buying a log home is a great way to create a unique oasis. Be sure to consider these five aspects before buying a log cabin of your own!

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