Building a Garden Shed

Log Cabin Garden Shed

If you have a log cabin and a big garden or extensive grounds, you could build a garden shed which could act as a spare room. Garden sheds are often used for storage, but you can also make use of the space for plenty of other purposes including an office, gym, games room, or even a kid’s playhouse. In this article, we’ll detail everything you need to know about building a garden shed for your log cabin!

Things to consider when building a garden shed

The purpose

First, think about the purpose, as this will affect the size and style log cabin that you build. Do you need it to be kid-friendly, with small doors and no steps? Or do will you need to install electricity if you’re using it as a home office? Or, if it’s just for storage, then you may prefer it to be a simple space with no windows.

Your resources

Next, think about the resources that you have to build a cabin shed. You can actually purchase cabin shed kits which come with all of the material you’ll need to create your cabin. Alternatively, you can locate the wood and purchase the nails separately and put the shed together as a DIY job!

Or, if you have no experience, you could hire somebody separately and ask them to build the shed for you. Remember that if you want electricity, you’ll need to connect it to the main power supply.

Decorate it Log Cabin Style

Once the shed is built, you can paint it whatever colours you like – perhaps one that compliments the flowers in your garden – and invest in decoration. Perhaps you could choose windowsill plants or hanging baskets, or position some rustic garden furniture outdoors!

Inside the shed, you can add shelves, cupboards or any other furniture that will suit the cabin’s main purpose!

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