Building a Dog House at Your Log Cabin

So, you’ve got your cabin sorted, but you want a place where your pup can rest its head. This guide will show you how to make a doghouse that is the perfect accompaniment to your human cabin!

Cut your timbers

Firstly, you should cut your timbers to a specific size. This size will depend on the size of your dog – if you’ve got a tiny poodle, it might not need to be that big, but if you have a labrador, you will probably need to size up!

You should also notch the pieces of wood so that they fit in together better. Remember that you will need less wood for the front to provide an entrance for your dog!

Make a foundation

Next, make sure that your doghouse has a solid foundation. You can do this by levelling the site, ensuring that it slopes down gently (this helps rainwater run off the doghouse). Use stone pavers to make the rest of the foundation.

Build the doghouse

All that’s left is to build the doghouse itself! Slowly build up the walls and make sure that they are stuck together with construction adhesive. For the doghouse roof, you can opt for a piece of corrugated plywood or tin, or you could make your own gables.

It’s also a good idea to add chinking material in all the timbers – this will strengthen the doghouse and stop it from rotting.

Decorate the doghouse!

This is the best part! Just like you might decorate your own cabin, add some visually appealing features to your doghouse. You could paint it or add some UV guard log stain, which will help protect it against UV rays.

You could also add your dog’s favorite dog bowl or adorn the outside with some dog-friendly plants. Your dog will love its new vacation home!

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