Bugs in the Cabin, EWW

Bugs can be issues in any log cabins. Any building that is in the great outdoors and is relatively open is risk of a termite or other bug infestation. We’ve put together this blog post, so you know what to do if you find a population of bugs in your cabin!

Build it with bugs in mind

If you are building your own cabin, you may want to consider bugs before construction begins. There are a few things you can do to make it as bug-free as possible:

  • Elevate it from the ground – ensure that the cabin is 8 inches to a foot away from ground level
  • Invest in a termite shield, which is a thin piece of metal that sits on top of the foundations and detracts termites
  • Treat the soil for bugs and other termites regularly
  • Use TruLog Maintenance-Free Steel Log Siding

Make looking for termites part of your maintenance

If you have already built your cabin or didn’t build it yourself, don’t fear. There are ways to check if your home has termites or bugs, and you can do a few simple checks to assess this.

Look for the following:

  • The insects themselves
  • Small droppings
  • Tapping noises in the wood
  • Holes in the wood
  • Tunnels or tubes made from mud

How to get rid of a bug infestation

If you think you may have a bug infestation, it could be a good idea to call an exterminator. They will be able to assess the seriousness of your bug infestation and perform the extermination themselves. They can also advise what to do if the infestation returns.

If you have had bug infestations before and are confident that it is located in one area, you could use a specific treatment for exterminating bugs. However, if you have any doubt, it might be better to call in the experts.

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