Enhance Your Home with Brown Metal Siding

The number of colors and materials you can use to side your home today is amazing. It seems as though everywhere you go, you’re given options for color, material, and style that can make the cladding of your home’s exterior feel like a major undertaking. For people who want something simple, durable, and low- maintenance, your decision process can get a lot easier with the use of brown metal siding.

Brown metal siding can be found in nearly all regions of the country. It is popular in the South for its dark coloring, in the Northeast for its simplicity, and in the Midwest and Northwest for its rich, natural tones.

It can provide an ideal backdrop for a number of looks, accents, and architectures, and when the color is paired with the durability of metal, you can ensure that your home’s good looks will last. 

8 Brown Metal Siding Design Ideas

If you’ve been wondering just how good brown metal siding can look, check out these 8 brown house siding ideas for inspiration: 

1. Natural Rustic Palette

Steel log-look siding is incredibly durable, and can give your home the look and feel of a real cabin. Done in a rich, dark brown, it can also make the ideal complement to a deep forest green trim and roof. Together, the two colors and materials help create a natural, rustic look that enhances the property, and with metal siding, you don’t need to worry about maintaining or staining the siding. 

2. MidTones

One of the nicest things about brown metal siding is the fact that there isn’t just one shade; you can utilize a full range of rich tones and shades that you can combine to get a tone-on-tone look for your home. This home features a log-look steel siding in a brown that sits toward the center of the color palette. It uses a darker brown trim, and some natural wood for the entrance. This tone-on-tone look creates depth and dimension for the exterior, as well as a rich look. 

3. Style Emphasis

Brown metal siding not only has a natural look to it, it also has a very subtle appearance, which can let things like the architecture or the style of the home take center stage. This home features a steel board and batten siding that pairs beautifully with the brick skirting. The color lets the style of the siding be the main focus, while providing a subtle, natural look to the property. 

4. Bright Brown

Brown metal siding does not have to be dark or moody in color. It can also be bright, with warm undertones that can make the home glow. This steel, log-look siding has a rich warm color. Trimmed in a darker brown, the color brings the entire property to life and gives it a welcoming appeal as well as the look of a real wood cabin. 

5. Brown as a Neutral

If you want something light and neutral for your home, it’s still possible to use a shade of brown that gives you the look you’re after, but with more interest and depth than beige or cream. This light chocolate brown color is neutral enough to complement any home, but still has enough character to keep it from fading away and looking bland. 

6. Rustic Appeal

Log-look steel siding has a lot of texture to it that can give you the look of a rustic cabin. Done in a rich, dark brown, it allows the shadows to play over the siding, making the texture more apparent, so you get that rural, rustic look for your home. This property uses the same color for its trim, helping it blend in better as well. 

7. Subtle Tones

This home features the same, rich brown color nearly everywhere from the siding to the deck, roof, and even the gutters and downspout. This kind of application of the same color over the exterior creates a lot of very subtle dimension and appeal. It also adds some contrast to the concrete foundation that’s visible around the lower half. 

8. Natural Contrast

Brown metal siding works well with natural wood, and it can help set off the color of the wood and create a focal point for the home. This log-look sided home uses a rich brown color on both the siding and the trim. It also has a lighter, natural wood front porch and entrance that really pops against the brown siding, making a beautiful focal point for the home. 

Capture the Look of Brown Metal Siding for Your Home

With the many available shades, looks, styles, and textures for brown metal siding, you’ll have no trouble finding one that matches your home’s appearance. Whether you go light or dark, brown metal siding can be the ideal complement to a lot of homes. 

For more information on brown metal house siding, contact an expert at TruLog Siding today.

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