Bring Christmas to your Cubicle with Log Cabin Decor

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Have you decorated your home for the holidays? Maybe you strung lights along the eaves or around your windows. You might have a pine tree (or a very convincing imitation of one!) set up in the living room, decked with bulbs and ornaments. Maybe you’ve set up candles or garlands, or even a tiny village complete with snow.

But have you brought any of that Christmas cheer to work with you? A few office workers already have. Cubicle-dwellers in Horsham, Pennsylvania; Willow Brook, Pennsylvania; and Minneapolis, Minnesota have! Creative people all over the country are transforming their cubicles into cozy log cabins for the holidays.

It just going to show that being on the clock doesn’t mean you can’t get into the holiday spirit! Follow these basic steps to make your workspace merry this season with log cabin themed cubicle.

Step One: Logs

The first step of any log cabin is the logs! The majority of cubicle cabins seem to be built with carpet rolls, but they could be built with any cardboard tube of sufficient length — or even just with rolled paper in a pinch. For an authentic look, notch each tube and stack them so that they cross at the corners (think Lincoln Logs).

Step Two: Details

Of course, you’ll need a roof to keep out the snow! A sheet, cardboard, or tar paper will all do fine for indoor applications. Don’t forget the snow on top — white batting won’t melt under the office heater.

For a final touch, add some windows. Paper should do, or a picture frame to add some depth. If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can put an image of a cozy indoor cabin scene inside your window frame!

Step Three: Decorate

Make that cabin into a home with some cheery decor! Twinkling Christmas lights will bring holiday cheer to your workspace, not to mention provide some light to work by. (Hey, it may even be better than fluorescent!)

Pick out a Christmas tree that will fit in your miniature cabin, or maybe even on top of your desk. Make sure to deck the tree with some lights, tinsel, and ornaments. A log fire screensaver or wallpaper for your computer will bring some warmth to your desk. You can even complete the picture by hanging some little stockings above the screen!

What if having a log cabin home was even easier than having a log cabin cubicle? TruLog steel siding is a cost-effective, maintenance-free way to lend your home log cabin style year-round. Our experienced professionals can give you the cozy log cabin of your dreams. Give us a call or reply online for your free estimate.

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