9 Siding Colors That Pair Well with Brick and Stone

Brick and stone siding are two materials that are attractive, low-maintenance, and long lasting. Whether you use them to clad the majority of your home or you just use them as an accent, it’s important that you pair them with the right colors for the rest of the exterior. Creating a cohesive look for your facade can help boost your curb appeal, and bring out certain features in your architecture at the same time.

Brick/Stone and Siding Color Combinations

If you’re wondering what to pair with your brick or stone siding, take a look at these 9 siding color ideas for inspiration: 

1. White Board and Batten with Brick

Brick siding is a great look, but some brick homes can look a little dark depending on the color of the brick. Using a white board and batten siding as an accent can help brighten things up a little. The board and batten also offers a different texture to the brick, adding some contrast and interest at the same time. 

2. Green Trim Accents

This home is using a natural wood board and batten combined with brick. It also has a green standing seam roof. Green window frames help tie the two areas together, and add a little color and interest to the siding at the same time. The green pops against the natural wood color, which helps brighten up the siding.

3. Black Accents

This home features a very warm, almost orange, brick. Using white against it would clash, but going to black brings out an interesting contrast and dimension to the home. This property uses a black roof, trim, and awnings to complete the look, making the exterior look more appealing. 

4. Blue Trim

If you really want to make a bold statement, consider adding some bright blue trim to your brick exterior. This property uses two colors of brick with both warm and cool tones. The bright blue complements one and contrasts the other, adding a lot of depth to the exterior of the design. 

5. Brown Board and Batten with Stone

The siding or trim color you use with your brick or stone siding doesn’t need to contrast it; sometimes it can complement and blend as well. This property uses a brown board and batten siding above a warm brown fieldstone. The siding pulls its color from the stone, so the two tie together well, creating one cohesive design. 

6. Brown Logs with Stone

This cabin is clad in steel log-look siding in a rich brown color. It’s accented by a field stone chimney going up the side of the house. The color of the stone helps lighten and brighten the area, adding some contrast and detail to the home. The logs and the stones both provide a natural appearance to the facade. 

7. Black and Wood Siding with Stone

This home has a lot going on in terms of siding and style. The contemporary facade is made of stone veneer on the front, with stucco and wood siding on the side. It’s all tied together with a black trim that compliments the modern nature of the building. The different textures help add some dimension to the exterior. 

8. Red and White with Stone

There is nothing quite as classic a look as red siding with a crisp white trim. In this case, the lower half of the home is built from a mortared stone, which adds some texture and color contrast to the siding on the top half. The result is a home that has a lot to look at and admire. Since both types of siding are considered classics, the two end up producing a home that offers a lot of history and charm in its looks. 

9. Green Siding with Stone

This home has a very subtle appearance achieved through the use of two kinds of siding in the same sage green with stone veneer accents. The front of the home features a stucco siding, while the sides use a horizontal lap. The color used on both of these adds just a hint of contrast to the stone, so that the stone can stand out, while not competing for attention with the rest of the design. The result is interesting, but quiet, so you need to pay closer attention to get the full effect. 

Get the Ideal Siding for Your Home

Whether you use stone or brick as the majority of your siding or you use them as an accent, it’s important that the colors used elsewhere on the facade help you achieve your design goals. Whether what you had in mind was something subtle or something more dramatic, there are many ways to combine both brick and stone with other sidings and colors. Use these 9 ideas as a starting place for your home design and get the curb appeal and appearance you’re looking for. 

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