A More Durable Alternative To Traditional Wood Board and Batten Siding

Board and batten siding has been a popular style of wood siding in America since the 1840s. It was first introduced in countries such as Norway and Sweden, and gained popularity on farmhouses, beach homes, and other rural properties in the U.S. during the mid-19th century.

It’s popularity has remained fairly steady for a range of architectural styles ever since.

Traditionally, board and batten siding is made from wood. The style consists of wide wood planks installed vertically, with a thin wood “batten” or strip installed over the seams of the wider planks. This gives the property a unique look that has a lot of texture and dimension.

Like all types of wood siding, though, wood board and batten siding has a lot of issues and drawbacks that means that it can be high maintenance for the homeowner. Steel board and batten siding is one alternative that will give you the look you want for your home, without the inherent issues of wood.

Problems with Wood Siding

Wood siding has a long history of associated issues. The material is porous, so it can absorb moisture and water, which can cause it to swell and then shrink. This in turn can lead to warping of the boards, which can cause the battens to come loose or for gaps to appear in the siding.

In addition, wood is susceptible to both rotting and insect activity. For this reason, it’s common to paint or stain your siding on a regular basis, to help protect it from moisture and other issues.

However, paint and stain both will peel after a few years, which means that the exposed areas of the wood are now susceptible again. The only solution is to scrape and repaint, creating an endless cycle of repair and maintenance for the homeowner.

Because board and batten siding is often non-standard, meaning that the widths of the planks being used aren’t the same sizes as other sidings, it can also be difficult and expensive to make repairs or to replace warped, rotting, or broken planks.

It’s not uncommon to have repaired areas of a board and batten sided home that don’t match perfectly to the surrounding area, because the wood species changed, or the size of the planks is now too difficult to obtain. All of this means that anyone who loves the look of their board and batten home, is often faced with near constant maintenance or the choice of simply switching to another style of siding to avoid some of the problems.

A Better Alternative to Wood Board and Batten

There are many materials on the market that are considered better alternatives to traditional wood siding. Many of them are made to replace traditional, horizontal lap-style sidings, however, and not board and batten. Others may replace wood for board and batten styles, but have their own issues, such as needing to be painted periodically or being heavy and difficult to install.

Thankfully for those that love the look of board and batten siding, there is a better alternative. Steel siding from TruLog is a unique material that closely mimics the look of wood board and batten siding. It has an authentic looking wood grain and comes in several attractive colors and finishes. Unlike wood and some types of fiber cement siding, though, it’s not made up of separate planks and battens. This means that the siding can go up much faster and easier, creating a more uniform and cohesive appearance for your home in less time.

Steel siding is also highly durable, resisting fire, insects, moisture, warping, cracking, or peeling. The color is designed not to fade, crack, chip, or peel, so you won’t need to worry about constantly reapplying the paint every few years, or the other maintenance that wood siding may require.

Steel board and batten siding will give your home the authentic look and texture that you want, but without any of the maintenance issues. And with the added ability to install larger sections at a time, your installation can also be done in less time and with less manpower, perfect for any type of home or project.

Get a Better Alternative to Wood Board and Batten Siding with Steel

Steel siding from TruLog is unique in appearance, durability, and maintenance. This siding will last for years without the homeowner needing to put in constant work and effort to keep it looking its best. It’s more durable than vinyl and easier to install than fiber cement. You can get the same classic board and batten appearance that you want for your home, without any of the associated issues.

Give board and batten siding from TruLog a try to get a truly durable, low maintenance, and attractive siding for your home, and stop the endless cycle of maintenance and repair of your wooden board and batten siding. Download our Board and Batten Buyers Guide today!

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