Board and Batten Siding: A Great Choice for Your Home’s Style and Durability

Front door of home with board and batten siding

Any homeowner undergoing a major renovation will inevitably have to ask themselves what aesthetic they want for their new home. Curb appeal can be a major stressor. The design elements you choose from the material to the style to the color can impact the impression your home makes.

But there is one siding aesthetic that never goes out of style: board and batten style siding. Builder Magazine notes that siding in the board and batten style continues to reign supreme for renovators and homeowners alike. They even note how wide plank board and batten siding have seen increased popularity.

You may be wondering why exterior board and batten siding is all the rage. In this article, we’ll cover it all.

Modern Looks

Trends come and go. This is as true with home design as it is with fashion. But siding in board and batten style never seems to fade. Ask any home stylist and they will tell you board and batten is as popular as ever.

Board and batten siding draws its inspiration from simple, clean lines. The result is a home siding aesthetic that recedes into sophisticated subtlety, rather than insisting on it being noticed. With a subtle, modern exterior, the other elements of your home, like your roofline or your window styles, can shine.

Versatile Style

Board and batten siding isn’t just appropriate for modern farmhouse looks. While the style has its roots in America’s heartland, it goes far beyond. This versatile siding application looks stunning on countless home sizes and styles. This includes:

  • Bungalows and Craftsmen
  • Ranches
  • Capes
  • Cottages
  • Colonials
  • Log Homes
  • Colonials
  • McMansions
  • And more.

Don’t fret about whether board and batten style siding will suit your house. Unless you live in something specific like a French Provincial or a Pueblo Revival, don’t worry. Board and batten will surely enhance your home’s already charming look.

Protective Design & Durability

Because of the vertical siding lines caused by board and batten siding installation, penetration points are minimized. This means rain, snow, ice, and more won’t linger at installation points. The elements can simply roll down each board’s length. As you can imagine, this siding style is amazingly weather resilient.

The result is less wear and tear, less rot, and a longer-lasting exterior for your home. Board and batten siding has been known to last around 25 years. And better and more durable materials can drive the estimate even higher.

It’s worth remembering that protection and durability are linked to how your siding material was installed. Rather than attempting a DIY project, consider hiring professionals to maximize your durability and longevity.


No home renovation project is ever truly “cheap.” But there are ways of lessening the financial burden, and choosing board and batten siding is one of them.

In most cases, board and batten can be installed by any siding installer easily. However the material costs tend to be lower than with other common home exterior options. This makes siding from board and batten one of the cheaper options renovators should consider.

Plus, this siding material seldom needs to be replaced. This pushes your savings even further!

Trust the Board and Batten Siding Experts for Your Reno

Similar to any other home improvement project, it’s important to use the best quality materials possible and exterior board and batten siding is no exception. Do yourself and arguably your most valuable asset a favor by sourcing products from a trustworthy siding expert. TruLog Siding specializes in woodgrain steel siding and offers a generous 30-year warranty on our siding products. Get an estimate today!

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