Best Siding for Mobile Homes: Materials, Cost, and Installation

When it comes to comparing siding options for mobile homes, homeowners have a lot to think about. Selecting mobile home exterior paneling is much like choosing siding for traditional, permanent structures. Homeowners will want to consider the various pros and cons of each material type when choosing from mobile home siding options. In addition, homeowners may want to consider the likelihood of relocating the mobile home, as this may factor into the decision-making process.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the most essential factors to consider when finding the best siding for mobile homes. Keep in mind, all of these elements will impact the overall cost — both during installation and in the long-term when accounting for repairs, upgrades, and energy bills. There are many types of siding options that can work just fine, but there’s one product that is designed to deliver high-quality performance in all areas. Take a look!

Affordable Siding

One of the top priorities that mobile homeowners have is cost-savings. The cost to re-side a mobile home is significantly lower than re-siding larger homes; the siding material type — vinyl, cedar, faux stone, aluminum, etc. — can make a significant impact on the total cost to re-side a mobile home.

Some products, like vinyl and plywood, can be relatively affordable to purchase initially. The risk, however, is that these products are likely to require much more maintenance, upkeep, and repair as time passes, which can make that appealing price tag quite deceptive in the long run. On the other hand, even expensive mobile home siding panels can require repair. For example, cedar is relatively high on the scale of material cost, and yet cedar can be susceptible to damage from insects, woodpeckers, moisture, and mold — not to mention being quite flammable.

Therefore, while the cost to re-side a mobile home is something to consider, a large price tag doesn’t always equate to long-lasting quality and a small price tag doesn’t always equate to savings in the long run. It’s essential to find a product that offers transparent expectations on upkeep to help determine mobile home siding costs and value.

Durable Siding that Provides Protection

Safety is a huge factor in selecting siding for manufactured homes. In general, the more durable the siding, the better protected the home stays, creating a safer environment for the people inside. Not only are holes and scrapes unattractive, but they can create openings in the exterior that can be dangerous. Minor impact from hail, tree branches, or the occasional baseball shouldn’t compromise the siding on a mobile home. The durability of siding becomes even more important if there are plans to relocate the mobile home from time to time. 

Weather-Resistance and Energy Efficiency

Along with being durable, the best siding for mobile homes should be weather-resistant and energy-efficient in order to increase longevity and decrease overall cost. Look for siding options that are UV-resistant and won’t warp, rot, or mold from excessive moisture. Remember, most mobile homes have limited living space inside, so if one corner of the home starts to show signs of damage, it can render the entire space uninhabitable pretty quickly. Energy-efficient siding is a must to save money on heating and cooling bills.

On-Trend Aesthetic

Another important factor to consider when finding the best siding for mobile homes is the inherent aesthetic quality. Some styles, like variegated asphalt, quickly become outdated. Unless you plan on re-siding a manufactured home every couple of years, it’s essential to select a siding option that is on-trend and bound to last. Mobile home siding can affect curb appeal, which can have a direct impact on home value, so picking a siding style that is sure to remain attractive is key. 

Easy Installation

Finally, easy installation is an important component of determining the best siding for a mobile home. Most mobile homeowners long for the luxurious look of real wood siding or stone accents but lack the expertise to install these materials properly. Finding a product that offers an easy installation method can greatly enhance the overall siding project.

Best All-Around Siding for Mobile Homes: TruLog

All types of siding for mobile homes have pros and cons. For example, real cedar may look amazing, but it is often expensive, difficult to install, and susceptible to insect damage. However, there’s one mobile home siding option that easily outperforms the others: TruLog wood-look siding.

Tru-Log wood look siding provides the gorgeous look of real wood — in natural colors with wood grain patterning — without the headaches of upkeep and maintenance. TruLog siding is actually made of steel, though you’d never know it from its authentic wood-like appearance. It is much more durable, weather-resistant, and capable of performing for years to come, and because it’s built to last, its value far exceeds other mobile home siding options, like vinyl or aluminum. TruLog siding is relatively simple to install and doesn’t require extra contractors with specific expertise.

If you’re looking for a mobile home siding option that is valuable, attractive, durable, and easy to install, TruLog siding is the best choice. Contact us today for samples, quotes, tips, and more.

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