Choosing the Best Low Maintenance Siding Option

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Siding is one of the first things that people see when they approach your home. It’s part of what makes up that general first impression known as curb appeal, and can help drive a large part of your home’s value.

So, it makes sense that most homeowners want a siding that will require as little upkeep and maintenance as possible to look its best. Otherwise, you could end up spending several years and thousands of dollars over the course of your home ownership just updating the siding again and again.

There are several options on the market today that are billed as low maintenance. Choosing the best one for you will mean taking a look at your home’s location, climate, and the overall aesthetic you want for your home.


One of the first materials that often comes to mind when people are considering a low maintenance siding for their homes is vinyl. It’s been billed as one of the easiest to maintain sidings available, and while it is true that it does not require paint and it does not peel or chip, it also isn’t quite as low maintenance as many have been led to believe.

Vinyl siding is made of a type of plastic or polyvinyl chloride. This plastic performs like many other similar materials under stress. Meaning that it can become brittle, cracking or breaking under impact say from a hail stone or from a stray baseball.

Vinyl can become more brittle during cold weather, so impacts during cold snaps could cause even more damage. Worse, vinyl in hot climates can melt, with the boards beginning to warp as the plastic softens in the hot sun. So, while you won’t have to spend your time repainting your vinyl, you will need to replace broken, cracked, or warped planks on a regular basis. These planks may not always match the existing material either, as each set will have its own dye lot, which can vary over time.

Wood Siding

Wood siding still has a high degree of popularity, despite its associated maintenance. This is mostly due to the appeal of the look of wood, rather than its durability or maintenance. Wood has a texture and ability to be formed in different shapes that vinyl or fiber cement cannot, including logs, varying sizes of plank, and different types of shingles.

Even wood that is not painted, though, such as log siding, still requires a lot of maintenance. The exterior of an unpainted wood home still needs to be pressure washed and stained regularly to keep its good looks. Otherwise, the color of the wood can darken over time. Wood is also susceptible to insect activity, rot, and flame.

Fiber Cement Siding

While not as popular or well known as wood siding, many people have been moving toward fiber cement as another lower maintenance option for their homes. It doesn’t have the same issues as vinyl, and it is easier to maintain than wood.

Unfortunately, fiber cement is difficult to cut and to work with, producing silica dust as the pieces are installed. It’s also heavy, and not available in as many styles as some other materials. And while fiber cement doesn’t require as much repainting as wood, it will still need to be repainted after 10 years or so to help keep its appearance fresh.

Steel Siding

Steel is a good, low maintenance siding material option for many homes that want the look of real wood – even log siding – without the associated care or upkeep. Unlike vinyl, steel doesn’t become brittle in the cold or melt in the sun, so it can be used in all climates.

Unlike fiber cement, steel is easy to work with and install, so you’re less likely to run into installation issues that can cause problems down the road. Wood look steel siding has a texture similar to that of real wood, and it can be formed to look like real wood planks or logs, so you can get a low maintenance option for your home even if you want a rustic appearance.

Steel doesn’t peel or chip like wood, and can go years without any painting or other maintenance, so you can enjoy the beauty of your home’s exterior without worry. And because steel can be recycled, it’s also an environmentally sound option as well.

Get a Better Low Maintenance Siding Option

Stop spending your time maintaining your home and its exterior and start enjoying it instead. With truly low maintenance steel siding for your home, you can get the style and appearance you want without the long-term upkeep and care of other siding materials.  No matter what style you want for your home, there is a steel siding option to fit. Choose the best low maintenance siding option for your home to start getting more from its appearance today.

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