Best Colorado Hot Springs for Cabin Vacations

Colorado has many natural hot springs found around the state. You can plan a whole vacation around visiting the different ones and taking relaxing soaks. If you’re planning the perfect cabin getaway in Colorado, the hot springs are a must-visit item.


Colorado is home to more than 30 hot springs resorts spread across the Rocky Mountains. These resorts range from rustic to modern accommodations. Many also offer spa services using hot springs materials. Most of these resorts also offer day passes if you do not want to spend the night. This choice is the fastest way to go from your car to a hot spring.

  • Glenwood Springs
  • Pagosa Springs
  • Steamboat Springs
  • Ouray
  • Buena Vista
  • Salida
  • Durango

Private Hot Springs

Some of the natural hot springs are on private land or in land trusts. This distinction means you may be charged an admission fee, though not always. Typically, these springs have only minimal infrastructure. However, some of the views are just as good as hiking out into the wilderness.

  • Valley View Hot Springs

Free Hot Springs

Hot springs in Colorado do not need to cost anything. Instead, you can take a hike out into the beautiful Colorado outdoors. The different hot springs require different lengths of hike to get to, ranging from less than a mile to over ten miles. In the winter, you will need to be off the trails by dark since temperatures plummet.

  • Conundrum Hot Springs
  • Radium Hot Springs
  • Piedra River Hot Springs
  • Rainbow Hot Springs
  • Penny Hot Springs
  • South Canyon Hot Springs

Considerations with Colorado Hot Springs

The top consideration is your clothing choice. Most Colorado hot springs require some form of clothing while in use. This restriction includes the primitive ones since you are not likely to be the only person present. Only clearly marked clothing optional sites may be used without clothing.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider the clothing you will wear while going to and from the hot spring. Colorado weather is notoriously unpredictable regardless of the season. You will need to plan accordingly in terms of hiking outfits to reach many of the free springs.

Another consideration is the timing of your hot springs trip. While the resorts are available year-round, some of the more primitive hot springs may not be. Heavy snows in the winter may mean you need to snowshoe out and back, which is not for the inexperienced. The limited winter light may also be a factor for you.

Colorado’s hot springs also need protection. Most have a pack it in, pack it out policy that needs to be respected. Otherwise, hot springs are closed to allow the habitat to recover. Closedown almost happened to Conundrum Hot Springs despite it being so remote, so you need to take this seriously. For the sake of these beautiful, relaxing places, remember to take only memories and leave only footprints.

Colorado’s hot springs offer unique spots and relaxing vistas. Each hot spring is slightly different, whether it’s the mineral content or the temperature. You should consider trying several to see!

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