7 Undeniable Benefits of Steel Siding & Proof It’s the Best Option for Homes

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing room, many things can be done to give the home a fresh, updated look. One area that can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a home is the siding. A home’s siding has the power to make a home stand out and be unique compared to the other homes in the area.

However, there are countless siding options on the market, and while they all have their advantages and disadvantages, some options still stand out from the rest, like steel siding. Here are some of the great benefits of steel siding to take into consideration when deciding which type of siding works best for your home.

1. Fire Resistance

wood siding on fire

One concern many homeowners have is house fires. This is especially true for homes in places like California, where wildfires can cause massive amounts of damage to homes. Standard siding options like wood or vinyl can be destroyed by these fires in minutes. But, steel siding is an option made to withstand high heat and fire, with some siding options offering Class A fire-resistance, the highest fire safety rating available on the market.

2. Low Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of steel siding is how little maintenance it requires. Steel siding consists of durable panels of steel, which only require a little bit of water to clean off any dirt that may get stuck to it. Steel siding is also resistance to issues like fading, cracking, chipping, and insect infestations. This means you won’t have to spend your weekends working on time-consuming, costly repairs or cleanings.

3. Highly Durable

Benefits of Steel Siding 2

Besides being fire resistant, steel siding is also durable in many other ways. Regardless of where you live, steel siding will have no issue standing up to strong winds, heavy rain, and extreme heat or cold. It will never warp or rot like other siding options, meaning it will serve you for years to come, without ever needing replacing. Most companies stand behind the durability of their steel siding, offering customers a lifetime warranty to protect their new steel siding.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Another one of the major benefits of steel siding is that it is an environmentally friendly option. Steel siding does not require any trees to be cut down, and is easily recyclable should it ever need to be replaced, limiting its negative impact on the environment. Additionally, it is cut to the desired size in one go, so no leftover material is going to waste. All of this helps to eliminate the footprint that steel siding leaves on the environment, which helps to make it a greener building material.

5. More Cost Effective

Benefits of Steel Siding 3

Building or renovating a home can be expensive, and certain siding options can add to the cost significantly. Steel siding, however, is a light-weight, easily transportable option that is more cost-effective than other options on the market. This is especially true when compared to alternatives like real wood log siding, which can be incredibly expensive to obtain, ship, and install. Added to that, since it is a low-maintenance and durable siding option, there are no additional costs to be concerned with in terms of repairs or caring for the steel siding.

6. Energy Efficient

Although steel siding is a thin siding option, that does not mean it is not energy efficient. In fact, one of the great benefits of steel siding is the energy efficiency that it offers homeowners. During summer months, the steel can act as a reflector of sorts, helping to redirect sunlight and harmful UV rays away from the home, helping to keep the cooling costs low for the homeowner.

Alternatively, while it is thin, the lack of cracks and gaps make it a great option even in cold climates, as any heating inside the home will not be allowed to escape. In addition, most steel siding comes with foam backers that act as extra insulation, so that heat and cold temperatures stay well regulated inside the home.

7. Many Style Options

Benefits of Steel Siding

Another of the many benefits of steel siding is the wide range of style options. Unlike other types of siding, steel siding is available in a whole host of colors and styles. One popular steel siding option is steel log siding, like that offered by the company TruLog, which can mimic the appearance of real wood log siding, while eliminating the high amount of maintenance and costs. Just by looking at steel log siding, you would never even know that it is not real wood.

Know the Benefits of Steel Siding

When it comes to choosing a siding option for a new or renovated home, there are countless options available on the market. You no longer just have to go with the same one as everyone else, like vinyl, stucco, brick, or wood. Instead, you can choose something different like steel siding.

When you consider all the benefits of steel siding, there is no denying what a worthwhile option it truly is.

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