Get the Feel of Weathered Wood With Barnwood Gray Steel Siding

Just like with fashion, once-popular housing trends can experience a “rebirth” in their popularity. One such housing trend is focused on the type of siding you put on your home. These days, there is a renewed love for non-vinyl siding options, particularly weathered wood siding.

These siding options create a warm, rustic look that is unique and welcoming and can help any home stand out from the rest. In the past, this sort of siding was expensive and hard to maintain, but fortunately, thanks to companies like TruLog, there is an affordable, easy-to-maintain steel log siding that looks just like traditional barnwood siding! Now, it even comes in a beautiful gray color.

Why Steel Siding?

Traditional log wood siding can be incredibly expensive to install. On top of that, there is a lot of maintenance and upkeep required for tradition log wood siding, which adds to the overall cost. Now, TruLog has developed a unique solution: steel log siding. This siding has the same appearance as weathered wood siding at a fraction of the cost and is virtually maintenance free. But, these are not the only draws for steel log siding.


Real barnwood siding needs special treating in order to help it withstand different types of weather conditions. Over time, it may need replacing, and the replacement pieces may not have the same exact weathered look as the rest of your siding. Steel log siding, however, can create a uniform look of weathered wood siding to cover your entire home.

On top of that, steel log siding is much more durable without the need for any special coatings. This kind of siding is naturally resistant to many types of severe weather, including high winds, and heavy rain, snow, and hail. Steel siding is also resistant to things such as rust, corrosion, mold, and insects, making it one of the most durable types of siding available on the market.


As mentioned before, steel log siding is a great option for those looking for a rustic look to their home without turning to costly real wood. With steel log siding, you can get the same log cabin or barnwood look for your home, with a more reliable siding option.

Steel log siding also comes in many of the common colors you would find in real log cabins or barnwood. Unless you go up and touch the siding, you would never actually know that it is actually steel. Whether you go with red, a shade of brown, or gray, your home will look absolutely beautiful. 

Gray and Weathered, But Modern

The biggest appeal of barnwood siding is the color. In many cases, the siding has turned varying shades of gray, with hints of white peeking through. Gray has been an overall popular color for home design for many years now, so as a steel log siding option, the design potential is endless.

This type of siding is extremely versatile and can work well with any type of home design, from the rustic country style to sleek, modern, and minimalistic. Regardless of your style preference, weathered gray barnwood siding from TruLog can really tie it all together.

If you have been considering replacing your home’s siding with something new, and have been eyeing barnwood siding, then do not wait any longer. TruLog siding has options for any color preference, including their new gray weathered barnwood style, that will look beautiful on any home. On top of that, this siding option is extremely cost effective and durable, especially when compared to traditional wood siding. You will not be disappointed with this barnwood style steel log siding.

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