Barndominium Exteriors: Crafting a Beautiful, Rustic Aesthetic

Barndominium exteriors rely on a variety of unique styles and color palettes. Whether you’re building a barndominium from the ground up or you’re just getting started on a major renovation, exploring a variety of barndominium exteriors can help you refine your design plans.

Take a look at some of the fundamental design strategies found behind these beautiful barndominium exteriors.

Overview of Aesthetics for Barndominium Exteriors

Barndominium exteriors tend to showcase rustic charm at their core – but don’t assume every barndominium leans into a well-worn aesthetic. In fact, many modern barndominium exteriors embrace light and bright colors with clean design components and minimalist fixtures. Sometimes referred to as a farmhouse-chic aesthetic, these barndominium exteriors illustrate the beauty of taking an age-old style and reinterpreting it with a fresh, modern twist.

Neutral color palettes – especially those with noticeable wood grain patterns – are also a common stylistic approach with new barndominium exteriors, and they can often be seen in combination with natural elements. The use of raw materials, like flagstone and iron, to add accent to the exterior decor can help amp up the charm and embrace the humble roots of the barndominium style.

That’s what’s great about barndominium exteriors – they exemplify stylistic range while resulting in the same feeling of laid back comfort and chic relaxation. Take a look at some of the specific siding styles that are commonly used to express the barndominium aesthetic:

Board and Batten

This one’s a classic! Board and batten barndominium exteriors feature a vertical orientation of siding panels with a distinct style. Of all the popular barndominium exteriors available, board and batten is considered among the most traditional.

Drawing inspiration from original board and batten exteriors of the rural American landscape, modern board and batten designs capture the same rustic spirit – but smart builders use more durable, heavy-duty siding materials to reduce deterioration and deliver longer-lasting barndominium exteriors.


Log siding is another popular choice for barndominium exteriors. Rounded logs create a cabin-style aesthetic that feels immediately cozy and welcoming. Unlike board and batten siding, log siding features a horizontal orientation that can vary in depth. With highlighted wood grain patterns, log-style siding tends to complement modern barndominium exteriors well and can be used for both new construction and extensive remodeling projects.


Lap is another option that many gorgeous barndominium exteriors feature. Like log siding, lap has a horizontal orientation. However, lap is relatively flat in comparison and may have more subtle shadow lines. Lap siding is quite versatile and is often used on residential homes, it’s considered a common siding choice that people are familiar with.

Wood or Steel: Find the Best Material for Barndominium Exteriors

When comparing materials for barndominium exteriors, the two most common choices are wood and steel.

Wood siding is the traditional choice for barndominium exteriors, and its beauty is immediately recognizable. However, wood siding comes with a lot of unique challenges. 

Maintenance can be a lot of work, because wood can chip, rot, fade, and show other signs of deterioration easily. Repainting or staining the wood siding every two or three years is the best way to keep natural barndominium exteriors aesthetically pleasing. In addition, flammability and pests are two other concerns to be considered when building with natural wood.

Steel, on the other hand, provides enhanced durability, impact resistance, and a Class A Fire Rating, along with impeccable aesthetic value. Wood-look steel siding made for barndominium exteriors features natural-looking wood grain patterns and authentic color choices, like Pine, Cedar, Walnut, and Farmhouse White. Crafted in a variety of styles – including board and batten, log, and lap – steel is the recommended choice for modern barndominium exteriors because of its extreme durability and resistance to deterioration.

4 Popular Color Choices for Barndominium Exteriors

Not sure what colors work well for barndominium exteriors? These are among the top picks.

1. Autumn Brown + Evergreen

Evergreen has a forest green tone that makes it a natural choice for complementing a dark brown exterior.

2. Canyon Red + Dark Brown

Red is considered a classic when it comes to traditional barn structures, so there’s no surprise that the color continues to be a popular choice for modern barndominium exteriors, too.

3. Farmhouse White + Black

The white and black combo delivers a stylish, upscale aesthetic that is complemented well by minimalistic fixtures, like narrow black trim and streamlined decor.

4. Weathered Grey + Charcoal

Grey and charcoal tones are wildly popular for barndominium exteriors. Weathered grey is designed to look genuinely antiquated, which adds to the charm.

Coordinating Soffit and Fascia Styles

Choosing the right trim is another important aspect of designing beautiful barndominium exteriors. While barndominium soffit and fascia styles tend to be modest, creating bold color contrast is never out of the question completely. With that said, most trends lean toward simple soffit and fascia styles that are either the same color as the siding or a slightly darker tone that matches the trim.

More importantly, however, is the durability of these elements. Steel provides better longevity than wood or vinyl options, which reduces the need for maintenance. 

Find the Best Steel Siding with TruLog

Everyone knows steel is strong, and now, thanks to TruLog, we know it can be beautiful, too. Choose from lap siding, board and batten, or log siding, complete with fascia and soffit to complete your barndominium. Browse our excellent selection of colors and use our visualizer to see what your dream barndominium can look like with steel siding.

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