Ready to build the modern barndominium of your dreams? Whether your heart is set on a simple barndominium or a luxury escape with high-end amenities, take a look at these seven barndominium design ideas. From practical floor plans to gorgeous exterior details, these barndominium ideas can be integrated into almost any architectural plan to help elevate the function and form of your modern barndominium.

Modern Barndominium Designs

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Combining the luxury of modern living with the comfort of farmhouse-inspired charm, the best barndominium designs express a practical and pleasant balance of both worlds, which is why barndominiums have exploded in popularity. Whether converted from an old barn or built from the ground up, these alluring structures can range from a simple barndominium with modest living quarters to a full-blown luxury oasis that’s used as a primary residence or elite vacation home. Most barndominium ideas expand on the modern farmhouse style, incorporating recognizable motifs and materials into the architectural structure and overall aesthetic.

Take a look at these seven creative barndominium ideas for inspiration:

1. Barn Doors

Big and stately, barn doors can help a modern barndominium retain its farmhouse feel. Be sure to make the necessary upgrades, however, so as not to risk warping, chipping, or rusty hinges that compromise practicality. Some careful work can help old barn doors look polished and will help glide open like new, but there are also new barn doors that will give a modern barndominium a fresh feel and it will express a more contemporary aesthetic. Barn doors can also be used to separate rooms on the inside of the modern barndominium, providing a nice way to enhance the interior design.

2. Log Siding

There’s nothing that matches modern farmhouse style quite like wood. It’s traditional, recognizable and simply feels right for many barndominium design ideas. However, modern barndominium dwellers have a building trick that amateurs may not know about — wood-look log siding that is made from a more durable material, like steel. Companies like TruLog have a wide range of steel siding products that look just like real wood logs. Log siding allows homeowners to get a much stronger siding that requires minimal upkeep, all while getting the gorgeous look of real log siding. Opting for wood-look log siding that’s made from steel is an easy hack that brings quaint farmhouse charm into the modern era.

Log Siding - Barndominium Designs

3. Stone Features and Accents

Another barndominium design idea is to include stone features and accents throughout the exterior. Stone can be integrated into the horizontal foundation and matched with wood siding, or if stone is used as a way to frame entryways and accent porch beams, combining stone with other traditional materials, like log or board and batten siding, can help a modern barndominium make a statement. 

4. Extended Covered Porches 

Extended covered porches are also popular and can be seen on simple and lavish barndominiums alike. Covered porches, often extended from the sloped roof, offer a wonderful way to enjoy outdoor space that is closely connected to the home. Many barndominium dwellers even like to build outdoor kitchens in these areas to enjoy more time outdoors.

5. Walk-Out Decks

Walk-out decks are also becoming popular for modern barndominiums, and they are often included as balconies or raised deck areas that extend from the second floor. Walk-out decks create another easy way to extend the indoor barndominium space into the outdoors so that dwellers can feel more connected to nature and have another space to sit outside without straying too far away from the comfort of the barndominium.

Walk-Out Decks - Barndominium Design Ideas

6. White Board and Batten

Color can play an important role in the process of gathering inspiration for barndominium design ideas. While many people instantly think of natural wood colors for barndominiums, like pine or cherry, there are lots of designers taking note from modern farmhouse designs and integrating them into contemporary barndominium exteriors. For example, white board and batten, which features vertical, articulated siding, can deliver a fresh, polished look that is very attractive in today’s barndominium market. White board and batten siding is often contrasted with a strong trim color, like black or navy blue, to draw extra emphasis and definition to the exterior.

7. Built-In Carports

Built-in carports are another way to elevate a modern barndominium. Forget traditional barn designs with designated spots for the horse and carriage, and consider building out an extended carport to provide convenient shelter for vehicles. Built-in carports allow homeowners to drive directly up to the structure and eliminate the need for a separate garage, which can detract from the natural surroundings on the property. Built-in carports are usually extended from the roofline for a smooth, streamlined transition that looks natural and effortless.

Build the Barndominium of Your Dreams

There are many ways to integrate fresh and timeless design elements while building the modern barndominium of your dreams. By combining practical amenities and stylish farmhouse-inspired designs, everyone can find the perfect balance for their own custom barndominium. 

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