7 Barndominium Builders to Consider for Your Project

Looking for a dependable barndominium builder? From seasoned pros with a portfolio of successful projects cross-country to local builders who specialize in regional projects, this list explores some of the country’s best barndominium builders to consider for your next project.

You’ll notice that many of these builders recommend working with steel in the construction of barndominiums. The choice is ultimately yours, but experienced builders understand that steel provides greater protection and longer-lasting performance than other crude materials, like timber. Innovative companies like TruLog Siding make it easy to source wood-look steel, allowing plenty of possibilities for classic barndominium exterior styles with the advantage of heavy-duty steel construction.

Finding a dependable builder is a big step towards making your barndominium dreams a reality. It’s important to keep material preferences, like steel, in mind as you browse through the list of different barndominium builders. Take a look!

1. DC Builders

If stylish, customized design is a top priority, partnering with DC Builders for your next barndominium project is a great idea. This company is based in Oregon, but they’ve completed barndominium projects all across the country, working with homeowners to create personalized spaces that look and feel unique. Their website provides an in-depth look at all things barndominium, including base costs, upgraded additions, aesthetic styles, and what to expect throughout the entire process. In addition, the DC Builders site features an incredible photo gallery of past projects to gather inspiration for your next barndominium build.

2. Morton Buildings

The Morton Buildings group boasts over 110 years of experience in the construction business, so you can count on their expertise in the field. They pride themselves on their ability to adapt to unique design requests, promising that every single barndominium project is custom-built to accommodate various style preferences and lifestyle needs. Another great perk about Morton Buildings is that their website provides tours of past barndominium projects that they have completed, so you can see their work first-hand before hiring them for the job. It is a great way to evaluate different barndominium floor plans and material choices, so you can make informed decisions for your barndominium.

3. Rural Renovators

Specializing in custom, residential, and commercial post frame buildings, there aren’t many projects that Rural Renovators can’t accomplish! This includes the construction of barndominiums using post frame construction techniques. Based in Illinois, Rural Renovators prides themselves on providing customized solutions and designs that result in practical and comfortable spaces. If your barndominium will be used as a hideaway, a hobby workshop, or a primary residence, they will help you craft the perfect space.

4. Texas Barndominiums

For builders in Texas with a wealth of experience and expertise, look no further than Texas Barndominiums. This group showcases some of their beautiful barndominium projects on their website, and the specialized design components will blow you away. The great thing about Texas Barndominiums is that they will help you sort out every detail of the structure, inside and out, paying close attention to aesthetics and structural performance. The downside with this group is that they currently service only a few counties in Texas, so be sure to check the location of your property before giving them a call.

5. Carolina Post Frame Barndominiums

Flexibility is a great advantage that homeowners get when partnering with Carolina Post Frame Barndominiums. Not only does this group work with you to secure the materials needed for your barndominium project, but they will also partner you with local builders that belong to their post frame barndominium network. Let these skilled barndominium builders take the reins and tackle the construction project from start to finish. If you decide to hire your own subcontractor, Carolina Post Frame Barndominiums will adjust the cost of the project to accommodate your decision, keeping you in control with transparent pricing and thorough cost estimates along the way.

6. Greiner Buildings

The barndominium builders at Greiner Buildings are well-versed in completing successful construction projects in the Midwest. Crafting modern barndominiums in Iowa and Illinois, Greiner provides full service assistance throughout the project, from the creation of initial blueprints to 3D CAD designs that help you visualize the space before construction starts. In addition, Greiner provides a wealth of educational resources on their site, so homeowners can get a real grasp of all the possibilities that are available when building a new barndominium.

7. Durabarn

Servicing East Central Missouri, Durabarn has photographs of recently completed barndominium projects highlighted on their website, allowing potential customers to get a great idea of the structural designs possible. Tackling everything from excavation to the finishing touches on turn-key properties, this building group delivers 100% custom barndominium projects that customers can be confident in.

Taking the Next Steps

There are many things to consider when picking a builder, like what materials they work with, the costs involved, and how timely the project can be delivered. Be sure to discuss the details of your barndominium project with potential builders before making a final decision and consider Trulog steel siding for a durable, stylish barndominium look. 

Contact the siding experts at Trulog today for more information on your barndominium build or conversion.

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