Backyard Wildflower Garden for Log Cabins

log cabin wildflowers in mountains

If you have a log cabin, here are some tips for creating your own backyard wildflower garden! Wildflower gardens are a rustic, rural garden which is like a bit of countryside in your yard. Away with the pruned, perfected gardens, these wildflowers are supposed to look decidedly imperfect. This is great news because it means that they are extremely low-maintenance.

How to start a wildflower garden

We’ll detail some top tips for starting your very own wildflower garden below.

1. Use a bag of native mixed wildflower seed

Begin with native mixed wildflower seed, which is easy to locate in most home and garden stores. These will have a range of different bulbs in them; you won’t know exactly what you get until it’s planted, but that’s part of the joy of wildflowers

2. Loosen the soil

Use a hoe or shovel to start loosening the soil. This will help you take out the grass and weeds from the area, leaving it ready for your wildflowers to bloom. Use a sprinkler to water your wildflowers, encouraging them to sprout.

3. Let them grow!

One of the beauties of wildflower gardens is that, once they have sprouted and begin growing, you don’t need to do too much to them. Instead, just let them grow! If they look particularly dry or like they need a water, then sprinkle them with a bit of H2O, but otherwise, just let them do their thing.

Wildflowers deal with weeds well, so you shouldn’t need to do any weeding. In fact, you can more or less just let your wildflower garden do its thing, just as it would in the wild. This kind of garden is ideal for you if you aren’t always at your log cabin or just simply don’t have time to do any intricate weeding or gardening.

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