Backyard Office Cabin

Working for home has become the new normal, at least for 2020. While there are lots of advantages for remote office workers, a short commute down the hall, zoom meetings in your pjs, the cat keeping your feet warm, there are some downsides. Sometimes finding space for a workstation in an already crowded house is a problem. Big families can be a distraction during work hours. One solution is to build a backyard space for a little privacy and home/work life separation.

Perfect Work Space

There already may be a shed in the backyard that can be modified or repurposed. If not, a new shed will need to be constructed. There are many DIY kits available from home improvement stores that make the basic construction easy. With a little more skill or a tighter budget, used construction materials can be used to create the new workspace. Check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Habitat for Humanity or your local architectural salvage store for things that can be used in the construction of the new office.
Creating a new structure can be daunting, but here are a few steps to make it easier.

Decide what you need

How big does the space need to be. Make sure there is desk space, storage space, adequate room to move around. The last thing anyone wants is to feel claustrophobic all day. Is office work the only purpose or is additional storage needed? Is this for one person or a larger team? Where can you add windows to take advantage of natural light?

Pick a location

Find that perfect spot in the backyard. Take advantage of old cement pads, maybe an extra driveway or a old hot tub location. Make sure the ground is flat and you won’t have flooding issues or get sprayed by the sprinklers.

Check on permits

Check your local laws. Some locations don’t require permits for something below a certain size. Make sure you are following local building codes for construction and wiring. Most offices will need power, so electrical is something to think of.

Design the work space

Interior design is very important. Make your new space as ergonomic and tailored to your size, shape and work habits as possible. Adjustable standing desks are a great way to mix up the work day. A premium work chair is completely worth the investment – we all spend way too much time in our chairs.

Don’t forget the look

There are plenty of examples of backyard offices on the Internet. Everything from a cozy cottage to a ultra-modern glass and steel building. Here at TruLog we are partial to the log cabin look. Once you get your office shed built, give us a call and we can finish it off with our premium steel log siding or our Modern Farmhouse board and batten!

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