Back to Basics: The Pleasures of Building Your Own Home

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There are many reasons people are attracted to log homes. One such reason is the appeal of craftsmanship. From the rapidly growing craft beer industry in Colorado to artisanal pickle-making in Brooklyn, Americans seem to be undergoing a renewed appreciation for and interest in do-it-yourself craftsmanship. Something innate in being human makes us thoroughly enjoy the process of getting our hands dirty to create.

The Appeal of Building Your Own Log Cabin

The passion for homebuilding by hand is captured perfectly in a recent YouTube video posted by John Neeman Tools. In the video, a log home is constructed using local materials and hand tools. The stunning 24-minute documentary captures the entire process from harvesting the logs to showcasing the finished living space.

Making Your Dreams a Reality

The great thing about DIY projects is that you can make them as complex, intricate and time-consuming as you want. The John Neeman Tools video shows perhaps the more complex side of a homebuilding project, but you can choose something that fits your lifestyle. With TruLog™ steel log siding, you don’t have to worry about learning a completely new skill in order to install new siding on your home.

Balancing Creation with Affordability and Ease of Maintenance

While log home construction like that pictured in the video may seem daunting, renovation with TruLog™ is easy, affordable and customizable. We send an instructional DVD with every purchase so that you can follow a step-by-step guide to installing your siding yourself. Our steel siding product also offers the flexibility of several natural colors from which you can choose. If you look at our log siding gallery, you’ll see that our customers have created a wide variety of homes in various styles.

Another benefit of TruLog™ compared to the type of project in the video is affordability and renewability. TruLog™ tends to be more affordable both upfront and in the long run compared to logs. While logs require costly maintenance over time, TruLog™ requires nothing more than an occasional rinse with a garden hose. And while the idea of harvesting local wood materials has some romance to it, siding with TruLog™ doesn’t cut down any trees and the product is 100 percent recyclable.

The DIY log-style home of your dreams is within reach with steel log siding. Not only will you be able to install it yourself, but the results are a highly durable, energy-efficient siding that looks like real logs.

The team at TruLog™ is passionate about helping people build the homes of their dreams. For a free quote and to learn more about our steel log siding product, please call us at 970-646-4490. We are located in the Northern Colorado town of Loveland and have shipped steel siding to people living in areas across the country.


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