Aluminum vs Steel Fascia: How to Choose the Best Option for You

An aluminum to steel fascia comparison is imperative in order to select the best material for your building project. Most exterior siding materials have a lot in common, however, there are a few key differences that can serve as a clear determining factor in the selection process.

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of aluminum vs. steel fascia, and consider how cost, durability, and insulation value can play a role in identifying the best material.

What You Need to Know About Fascia

First of all, what is fascia? You can’t do a meaningful fascia comparison without being able to understand what it is and what it does. Fascia often gets thrown into the siding category because it is an exterior element with a similar job, but fascia only appears in one particular area of the home – the roofline.

Fascia is an exterior panel that runs vertically along the roofline, and covers the edge in order to support rain gutters and also to create a clean, finished look. Categorized as a trim piece, fascia is similar to soffit in the sense that it serves both an aesthetic purpose and a practical purpose of sealing off gaps that would otherwise leave the roof and attic areas exposed to moisture, pests, and other threats.

Fascia is close to the gutters, so it often gets a lot of exposure to water. This is one of the reasons why choosing a water-resistant material is such a smart choice that needs to be taken into account when selecting fascia. While wood and vinyl require repair and replacement every so often because of deterioration, metal fascia has a stronger resistance to moisture and doesn’t experience the rotting and warping that is common with other materials.

Aluminum vs. Steel Fascia

So, how do you decide between aluminum or steel fascia? With a metal composition, both are already a step above wood or vinyl. However, there are still a few details that should be taken into account when assessing aluminum vs. steel fascia: 

Cost Comparison

Aluminum tends to be the more economical choice, with lower sticker prices than steel fascia. With that said, aluminum isn’t likely to last as long as steel. After all, upfront costs are often linked with long-term value. Purchasing steel fascia directly from the manufacturer – rather than a home improvement store or middleman – can save money and ensure you’re getting the best deal.

If you don’t mind replacing the fascia sooner rather than later, the lower cost of aluminum may be appealing. However, most homeowners are looking for reliable, long-term value, so they find that the slightly higher cost of steel fascia is worth it in the long run.

Durability Comparison

A durability comparison of aluminum vs. steel fascia reveals the most noticeable difference between the two products. Aluminum is typically very thin and easily bent, which makes it lightweight, but it also means that aluminum is significantly less durable than steel. Dents, dings, and scrapes – even from something commonplace like hail or a fallen tree branch – can damage aluminum siding and cause an eyesore. Without a doubt, steel is the better choice.

When shopping for steel fascia, take note of the gauge, which denotes thickness, because it can often be a good insight into the product’s durability. Other factors, like the impact rating and color finishing process, can also be good clues for determining the durability of aluminum vs. steel fascia.

Insulation Value

The insulation value should be noted when comparing aluminum vs. steel fascia, which is also very closely linked with the thickness of the product. Insulation is important – especially near the eaves, roofline, and attic – because it helps the home maintain energy efficiency. Without proper insulation, you can be hit with higher energy costs and bigger expenses overall. Based on thickness and design alone, steel fascia tends to offer better insulation value than aluminum.

The Best Resource for High-Quality Steel Fascia

Even with a fast aluminum vs. steel fascia comparison, it’s easy to see that steel is the better choice – that is, unless you don’t mind more frequent maintenance and higher energy bills. Most homeowners find that steel fascia offers the solution they’re looking for to provide a clean, attractive finish that’s also durable enough to do the job of trimming the exterior and protecting the structure from the elements.

If you’re looking for a reliable resource to learn about maintenance-free steel fascia, TruLog is a leader in the industry. Specializing in heavy-duty steel exterior products that capture all the classic styles and designs of traditional wood exteriors, TruLog can be trusted to provide high-quality products that exude beauty and strength. Plus, you can buy factory-direct from TruLog!

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