A Better Alternative to Aluminum Board and Batten Siding

A Better Alternative to Aluminum Board and Batten Siding

Most informed builders already know the benefits of ditching wood for metal board and batten, but did you know that not all metal siding offers the same advantages over wood? You may think that you’re outsmarting traditional building techniques by selecting aluminum board and batten siding. However, the truth is, there’s an even better option to consider.

Take a look as we compare traditional board and batten building techniques with more modern material swaps and present the best siding material on the market.

Aluminum Board and Batten Siding Alternative

Traditional Board and Batten Siding

Considered a common choice for residential siding, board and batten offers charming texture and a clean layout. Traditionally, wood has been the go-to material for this style, with beams positioned vertically and thin battens adding extra dimension along the seams.

Board and batten siding works well on a full range of architectural styles. This versatility is what has kept it a consistent favorite. Today, designers use the board and batten motif both inside and out to add character to homes.

What has changed is the materials used to create this timeless siding style. Modern materials, like metal siding with prefabricated board and batten designs, provide greater protection against the elements and avoid many of the common problems faced with real wood siding.

Some people still build with real wood, but an abundance of common concerns has led the majority of people to avoid the traditional material. Wood has a very low tolerance to moisture, heat, fire, and environmental pests. Water damage, sun exposure, and changes in temperature can cause wood siding to warp, buckle, blister, rot, and fade.

A serious commitment to maintenance — painting, staining, caulking, replacing damaged boards, etc. — is mandatory if homeowners want to keep their original wood board and batten in good shape.

Benefits of Metal Siding Options

Benefits of Metal Siding Options

Metal siding is often the best replacement for wood board and batten because it provides a stronger line of defense. Unlike wood, metal siding will not soak up moisture and lose its original shape or appearance due to water damage. Sun damage and fire risk are also thwarted by choosing metal board and batten over wood siding. Insect damage is also much less likely to occur with metal siding since termites and other pests are not attracted to metal the way they are to real wood.

All in all, metal siding can help homeowners avoid the endless upkeep required with real wood. As a low-maintenance material, metal provides better longevity. Simply put, it looks better and holds up longer than wood board and batten.

Steel Offers Better Performance Than Aluminum

It’s important to know that not all metal siding is the same. Aluminum board and batten siding is considered a stronger, longer-lasting exterior than natural wood siding, however it still comes up short when compared to steel.

The biggest downside to aluminum board and batten siding is its ability to get scratched and show aesthetic blemishes due to impact. Though this may seem like a minor concern compared to all the headaches that homeowners can expect with real wood, it can still be an annoyance. Once you notice a scratch on the aluminum board and batten siding, it’s difficult to ignore.

Steel Offers Better Performance Than Aluminum

Side by side, steel is a more durable alternative to aluminum board and batten siding. Though both of these products are metal, steel offers greater strength than aluminum. This translates to less damage over time.

In most cases, homeowners can save time and money by choosing steel over aluminum board and batten siding. Steel siding is designed to keep exceptional color quality season after season, and it’s an entirely maintenance-free option, which homeowners tend to prefer.

The Best Steel Board and Batten Products

When shopping for high-quality steel products, it can be wise to work with a company that specializes in steel siding. TruLog has invested years in developing the highest-quality steel siding products, including beautiful board and batten panels produced in a range of colors

TruLog’s steel siding is maintenance-free and boasts a Class A Fire Rating along with a Class 4 Impact Rating. In other words, it’s built to last.

Not only are their products durable and better suited for long-term performance, but they’re aesthetically pleasing, too. TruLog has developed a range of siding products that feature natural-looking woodgrain patterns and textures with authentic color palettes. From Weathered Gray to Ponderosa Pine, the options are perfect for homeowners who prefer the beauty and allure of real wood, as well as the additional strength of steel.
When it’s time to upgrade from wood or aluminum board and batten siding, steel siding is the best alternative. Download our Board and Batten Buyers Guide today to discover the range of wood-look board and batten siding built with high-quality steel construction.

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