All You Need to Know About Faux Wood Beams

wood beam photo
Photo by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea

What Materials Are Beams Made from?


Beams are made from Styrofoam, which gives them the light density, making it look like they are produced from pine wood.

Did you know that rustic ceiling beams were once in use in most homes, before they ran out of fashion? And as you know, we now have faux beams available for interior designs in most homes and offices.

Some people usually view faux beams as fake wood, but they often contain an outstanding amount of real wood in the composition.

The fantastic thing about the faux beams is that they are made from recycled products, and they are 100% eco-friendly.


What Areas Can You Use Faux Beams to Design in Your Home or Office?

  1. They can be used in designing your railings and decks
  2. They can be used in your flooring designs
  3. They can be used to create your panels, ornamental beams, and lots more.


  1. They can be used in designing your railings and decks woodis very cheap in the construction of railings, decks, pouches, and they are also more comfortable and less expensive to install compared to the regular wood.


  1. They can withstand any weather, irrespective of the harshness of the weather.
  2. Due to its taste, it doesn’t appeal for insects to eat, i.e., they don’t get eaten up by termites.
  3. They have higher durability compared to regular hardwood.


  1. They sometimes don’t fit into all types of houses.
  2. Faux beams can’t compete with the popular redwood in terms of appearance.



They can be used in your flooring designs

There is a different type of faux woods that can be used for your flooring, but the most popularly used one is the laminate. As the name laminate implies, it means the combination of different layers to form one. The segments include the melanin, which is used for the finishing of the top, the veneer, which is more like the real hardwood, and lastly, the moisture barrier layer, which is directly underneath a segment of the recycled wood fiber.



  1. They are very cheap and easy to install
  2. They are scratch, sun, and moisture resistant.
  3. It is very easy to maintain.



  1. When the faux laminate beams get bad, it can be challenging to fix, because it can’t be sanded.
  2. The faux laminate beam is not as beautiful as real wood, maybe that’s why they are called fake wood.


They can be used to design your panels, ornamental beams, and lots more.

Faux beams can be an excellent design for your fireplace, ceiling planking, most exterior designs.



  1. They can be cut into any desired shape or form.
  2. They are cheap and easy to install.
  3. They can be painted into any desired color.
  4. They can be fixed easily once broken or cracked because they can be glued or filled with wood filler.



  1. They are not eco-friendly as they off-gas and sometimes create respiratory problems.


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