Making Log Homes More Affordable

Traditional log homes can be extremely expensive, both to build and to maintain. The style is popular in many areas, but many homeowners who venture to build or purchase a log home often end up encountering a bigger financial burden than originally anticipated. Log homes have a beautiful and iconic appearance, which means that they still retain their popularity despite their high costs, but financially they tend to be out of reach for many people.

Thankfully, there are alternatives that can give you the look of a log home for less. With log-look steel siding, it’s possible to create a beautiful log home that won’t have the high expenses associated with traditional log homes.

Typical Costs Associated with Log Homes

Log homes have a lot of associated costs that aren’t typically seen with stick built homes. This is due mostly to the way that they’re built.

Not every type of log is going to be suitable for building a log home. First, the search is narrowed by species, then by the logs themselves. They need to be fairly uniform in terms of size, thickness, and appearance. They also need to be straight and consistent in grain and durability so that the home can settle and move seamlessly through the years.

Finding and transporting the logs necessary to build the home is a considerable initial expense. Traditional stick-built homes can be made from a greater range of materials, which means that they cost a lot less to build. Log homes not only utilize very expensive materials, they need expert craftspeople to ensure that they’re built properly. Skilled craftspeople command a much higher rate for their services, so the cost of actually building the home tends to be higher as well.

Building techniques for log homes are necessarily time consuming. Each log must be properly fitted together with the next to help ensure a lack of gaps and to help the home be more efficient. This is a lengthy build process that can also drag out expenses.

Log homes also need to be finished, both on the exterior and the interior. Interior finishing tends to be more expensive as well, evening out walls to add insulation, without which the cost of maintaining and living in the home will soar.

The costs don’t end once the home is built, either. Log homes are extremely high maintenance and require a lot of care over the years to maintain their integrity and weathertight properties. The logs will shrink, swell, or warp slightly over time. This means that gaps can occur between the logs, that will need to be addressed to ensure that moisture and other elements don’t enter the home, while ensuring that the energy you use to heat and cool the home doesn’t leave. The exterior needs to be frequently pressure washed and stained to keep it looking its best, as well. Otherwise, the wood can take on a patina that will darken the exterior significantly over time. This is added to the other, normal expenses that most homeowners accrue in terms of maintaining their homes.

A More Affordable Alternative

Traditional log homes tend to be extremely expensive to build, buy, and maintain, but there are ways of creating a log-look home for a lot less. By using steel log-look siding on the exterior of a stick-built or modular-built home, you can get the look you want for a more affordable price with lower maintenance and care.

Steel log-look siding installs over the exterior of a standard home, just like other types of siding. This durable siding has the appearance of actual wood logs, but is backed by insulation that can improve the efficiency of the home – no gaps, no swelling or shrinking, and no worrying about things like insect activity or a patina. The steel is incredibly durable, it doesn’t crack, shrink, swell, warp, chip, or peel. It comes in several attractive colors, and won’t fade or darken over time, so you don’t need to worry about pressure washing and staining every few years.

Since you can start with a basic timber frame or modular home, you will have fewer building costs for your home. Your home will be more energy efficient, easier to finish, and will have fewer ongoing maintenance costs as well. You’ll also have the durability of steel protecting your home from the elements.

Get a More Affordable Log Home

Log-look steel siding is attractive, durable, and low maintenance. It can be applied over an existing home or on a new build, and it will last for years without issues or significant ongoing costs. With steel log-look siding, you can have the log home you’ve always wanted, at a much more affordable price.

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