Concrete Log-Look Siding: Advantages and Disadvantages

While still a relatively new innovation, concrete log-look siding is becoming somewhat common in rustic areas and mountainous regions, where the market for authentic-looking log homes is strong. People who opt for concrete log-look siding are those who find they want the look of a log home without the upkeep. But what is concrete log-look siding, how does it compare to authentic logs, and how does it compare to steel log siding like TruLog?

What Is Concrete Log-Look Siding?

Concrete log-look siding is a lower-maintenance alternative to traditional log siding. It has the look and feel of real logs, but with less maintenance. Many log sidings are made from a type of light-weight reinforced concrete known as fiber cement siding, but some manufacturers are now using a product known as glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC).

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Siding?

Concrete log siding has a variety of benefits when compared to authentic log homes. Here are a few:

Lower Maintenance than Real Wood – Concrete siding requires significantly less maintenance than a real log cabin, but it does need to be sealed every year.

Fire-resistant – In areas where wildfires threaten homes, concrete siding has the advantage of being non-combustible.

Rot-resistant – Unlike real logs, concrete siding doesn’t rot. It is not vulnerable to fungus, mold, water damage or damage from insects.

What are the Disadvantages of Concrete Siding?

Maintenance Requirements – Concrete log-look siding must be re-sealed approximately every 1 to 3 years. This can cost somewhere in the range of around $2,000-$4,000 each time.

Structural Damage Due To Added Weight – Homes that were not designed to withstand the added pressure of concrete siding may develop structural problems like bowed walls and cracks in the interior sheetrock since concrete siding weighs roughly a thousand pounds per square. When the house settles, sometimes the concrete siding may develop cracks and absorb moisture. When temperatures drop below freezing, this moisture expands and can cause the siding to become detached from the outer wall.

How Does This Compare To Steel Log Siding?

By contrast, steel log siding is a light-weight siding with no annual maintenance. It has all the benefits of concrete log-look siding, but doesn’t need to be annually resealed. Steel log siding is also light-weight enough that it won’t cause walls to bow or the foundation to shift.

Steel log siding is also less expensive. Whereas concrete log-look siding will cost around $600 to $800 per 10′ x 10′ square to install. Call TruLog today for a free quote and pricing on our product.

All in all, concrete siding is a practical alternative to authentic wood sidings, but remains less competitive when compared to steel log siding. Find out more about steel log siding by contacting TruLog today. Fill out a contact form or ask Ted a question!

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