Adding a Water Feature to Your Log Cabin

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Your log cabin is ideally situated close to the nature that appeals to you. You’re looking at the summer season though and wondering what else you can do to make your log home even more relaxing. Homes have incorporated the answer for thousands of years. You just need to add a little water feature.

Water Walls

You’ve seen water walls in upscale hotels or restaurants. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on adding this mellow sound to your log cabin. Whether you want it inside, on the deck, or out in the garden, there are economical options. You can even make a wall yourself if you are feeling ambitious. Adding the mellow sound to your log home is a quick way to relax.


Fountains are also a fantastic way to add water wherever you have space. Freestanding fountains range in size from tabletop to several feet. All you need to do is put it inside your log home and plug it in. Water fountains come in a variety of decorative styles, and you can always invest in a custom piece.

You can also choose to build a fountain, either from other items or custom form. All fountains really need are containers and water systems, so you can build them out of items from your shed. These fountains make a charming addition to the garden or patio of your log home.


Indoor spa spaces may seem too fancy for a log home. However, such areas do not have to be huge monstrosities. Instead, you can focus on creating a peaceful, relaxing space. Hanging curtains around the master bathtub, for example, creates a separation. With a little ingenuity, you can build the ultimate relaxation spot.

Outdoor spas take many forms from jacuzzi to small plunge pool. The trick with these is to create the feel around it rather than just dropping the unit on the edge of your patio. You need to add personal touches to it that help it fit the relaxing feel of your log cabin. If you put in a hot tub, you could create a screen that matches the finishes, adding privacy from your uphill neighbors.

Garden Ponds

There’s nothing quite like a pond out in the forest, so why wouldn’t you want to add one to your backyard? Ponds are a lower maintenance water feature suitable for any log cabin garden. Whether ornamental or a garden unto itself, these water features add enjoyment without being over the top.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a versatile option to add to a log cabin. They can be designed for relaxation, exercise, or across in between. Pools these days are no longer just rectangles, so you can choose what works with the aesthetic of your log home. You may also opt for different materials depending on your budget or climate. While pools require maintenance, your memories will outweigh those costs. Adding water to the design of your log cabin is always a quick way for you to relax, regardless of if it’s indoors or out.

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