Adding a Loft to Your Log Cabin


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You’ve got a cozy cabin you love living in. It may be out in the county, on top of a mountain, or in the middle of the city. You’ve run into something unfortunate though. You’ve found you need more space. There’s a solution though, adding a loft. A loft adds many options, without making significant exterior changes to your home.

Lofted Bedrooms

Adding a loft is a fantastic way to add another bedroom to your space. Bedroom lofts can be as big or small as you like. Some lofts come out comparable to another bedroom, while others are
big enough only for the bed and suitcases.

One of the most significant considerations with adding a loft as a bedroom is whether you can add some amenities to it. For example, using the loft as a guest bedroom, you’ll need to consider
which bathroom your guests are going to use.

Added Offices

Adding a loft is a beautiful way to create a little extra space for an office. If you work from home, that separation becomes invaluable. An office loft maximizes your available space for
some peace without being out of the loop on what’s going on in the rest of your home. With children, the benefits just can’t be beaten.

Separate Living Space

You already have a living space in your cabin. However, it may not be suited for all occasions. Perhaps you like to entertain, but your main living area is set up for your children. You may also enjoy a room set up for gaming that your main living area doesn’t support. Either way, having a dedicated space for living activities is a superb use of a loft.

Extra Storage

You, like everyone else, find yourself in need of extra storage space. While putting a shed in the yard has its appeal, adding a loft for the storage space keeps your items nearby. There’s no
concern about a leak going unnoticed or animals breaking in. These lofts can be small and in the eaves so as not to alter your cabin’s feel. Just ensure that the weight is accounted for.


While a loft is a terrific way to add more space to your cabin, there are also some practical considerations no matter what you would like to do with the area. The first of which is
considering the level of support needed for the proposed weight. This may require consultation with a structural engineer to ensure your loft doesn’t come crashing down.

Another practical consideration is how you plan to get up into the loft. Stairs are a safer choice, but they require a little sacrifice in living space. On the other hand, they also offer the possibility of more storage space if you have a custom-built staircase. The alternative, ladders, take up less space. They are less safe though.

Matching your existing home theme is also important when adding a loft. Adding a modern style loft to a rustic cabin really wouldn’t work. Fortunately, materials have advanced a considerable
degree. It’s easier to match exteriors with interiors now than ever before. With a little advance planning, your new loft will fit with your cabin and be enjoyable for years to come.

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