Adding a deck to your cabin

Cabins are made for time outdoors. They are built in rural environments and are made to intend that anyone owning or staying in it will be spending most of their time not in the cabin. However, why not maximize this outdoor space and add a deck to your cabin – so you can enjoy the great outdoors, but in a permanent space that is your own? Here is everything you need to know about adding a deck to your cabin. 

When will I need a cabin deck? 

A cabin deck will be useful for every part of living at your cabin. You’ll use it in the mornings as you drink a fresh cup of coffee and watch the forest wake up, for an alfresco lunch, at dinner time as you catch the sunset, and even in the evening. 

A cabin deck is pretty much an extension of your living space, somewhere that you can have as an extra outdoor room. Even if you live in a rainy part of the country, you could add a cover or take an umbrella to keep you dry! 


Types of cabin deck

There are lots of different types of cabin deck, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for your cabin. Here are the different types: 

  • Multilevel decks are great for larger cabins. They consist of a higher tier – you could put a table and chairs here, and a lower level which is great for lounging. You could even install a hot tub!
  • A glass-roofed balcony is excellent if your cabin is in an area with heavy rainfall. The roof will protect you from any downpours, but you could still have a balcony area if you want to catch some rays. Having a glass roof and floor to ceiling windows ensures that as much light is let in as possible, making it still feel like an outdoor space!
  • Wraparound decks are fantastic solutions if you are compromised on space but want to have as much deck as possible. As the name suggests, this decking will go the whole way around your cabin, so you can have different areas for different activities. 
  • A deck with a corrugated iron roof works really well if you have a smaller decking area and don’t want to spend too much money but still want to be protected from the rain. These deckings will keep you dry, but they won’t cost the world to assemble. 

How to look after your deck

Decking should be swept regularly and thoroughly cleaned every few months to keep it looking warm and inviting. You can buy special decking cleaners which make the deck sparkle, and some also remove mold. You can also use varnish to make the decking look good as new! 

Some people also choose to clean their deck with a pressure washer, which gets rid of stubborn dirt without chemicals. 

Whatever decking you choose, it’s a great add on to your cabin and will add more value to it in years to come! 

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