Adding a Bathroom to Your Cabin

Log Cabin Bathroom

Every good log cabin needs a functional bathroom. Whether you’re installing your first bathroom in a newly built cabin or refurbishing your existing property, here are some things to consider.

Think about location

If you’re building a new log cabin, location is everything. Consider whether you want an en-suite or a family bathroom. If you have a large cabin with many occupants, you might want more than one bathroom. Ideally, your bathroom will be off a hall – not off any other room (apart from en-suites) and not close to the kitchen.

Of course if you are adding indoor plumbing to a vintage property, this may not be an option. You may have to add the tub to a bedroom or main living space. This can be perfectly acceptable in some living spaces.

What about the ceiling?

The ceiling seems a strange thing to consider in the bathroom, but it’s very important that you think about it. One of the most important parts of a bathroom is a shower, and if your ceiling is sloped, it could be affected. If you do have a sloped ceiling, think about putting the shower on an interior wall, which is usually higher.

Do you want a bath?

Baths are loved by many, but they do take up a great deal of floor space! It’s advisable to consider whether your family will use a bath very much. Of course, if you’re staying in a log cabin in the cold winter months, there’s nothing like a warm bath after being out in the snow. But, if you only use the cabin during the summer, a bath may get little use. If you decide to forfeit a bath, you’ll find you have lots of room elsewhere.

Where to put the toilet

You wouldn’t believe it, but the toilet location is a common source of debate amongst interior designers! Some prefer that it be kept in its own room, whereas others consider this to be a waste of space. Think about your preference (and weigh up the pros and cons) before designing your bathroom!

Consider Steel Siding

One of the major disadvantages of an outhouse is how cold it is when you need to go do your business. Trulog Steel Log Siding can provide insulation that will help your cabin, and your new indoor bath, stay warm and cozy.

Of course, maybe you just need to add log siding to the outhouse and make it match the cabin. That’s also a great option. Contact TruLog today to find out if our steel siding is right for you.

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