Abandoned Creepy Ghost Towns in Texas You May Want to Visit

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There are quite a number of abandoned ghost towns with rich historical backgrounds to visit this summer in the city of Texas. The effect of natural disasters or man-made occurrence (such as construction of rail lines and roads) made some of these popular busy towns to go into extinction.

Do you know that checking through log cabin or homes can be a fascinating experience this summer. Below are some of the creepy ghost towns in Texas.

  1. Sherwood

Sherwood use to be the home for the stately courthouse and the home for the county seat of Iron County. The railroad construction led to the abandoning of the courthouse in 1939.  Although what is left of the popular Sherwood is nothing more than a rural community.


What to see: the abandoned courthouse, built in 1901, alongside a tower with big clock at the topmost, with its hands set to the time it was presumed Abraham Lincoln died.

  1. Lobo

There was a consistent decline in the population of Lobo town as at 1960’s due to the rise in the cost of production of agricultural produce especially cotton. Most farmers had to leave to a favorable community. Although, it was not considered abandoned officially until 1991. Which left the city with empty log cabins, motels and shops. The town was later developed into a private property by some desert loving individuals.


What to see: a view of the annual desert dust cinema festival which holds around august to September every year.


  1. The Grove

From the name you might think it’s a groovy town, but no its not. It is a community surrounded by trees. It was founded in the early 1870’s, with the sole occupation of the occupants being animal husbandry and crop farming. The town experienced a fall when the highway bypassed the community in 1940’s, leaving the town with well preserved log homes, stores and commercial buildings.


What to See: The famous drugs and Coffins building. The popular Cocklebur Saloon which came into existence in 1910.


  1. Medicine Mound

The early occupants of this ghost town were Kiowa Indians and Comanche, who strongly believed that the dolomite hills close to the town had a metaphysical power to heal the sick and to also protect them against evil. This is where the name was coined from. History has it that another town with the same name sprang up  with its major occupants being doctors , grocery stores, churches, drug stores, etc. the great fall came with the construction of the rail road construction in 1907, most parts of the town were destroyed before fire gutted some parts in the early 1930’s .

What to See: The popular Hicks and Cobb General Merchandise store and a gas station which still has its old fashion pumps still standing till date.

  1. Clairemont

This county was built to be the county seat in1892. Although it suffered a big blow in 1954 which lead to the decline of the population.


What to See: There’s really not much to see than the Clairemont jail ruin that was built in 1895. You are free to enter at your own risk though. And some old rickety log cabins, which are advertised to be entered at your own risk.

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