A Backyard Oasis for Your Log Cabin

Whether your log cabin has a deck, patio, or grassy area, you can create a stunning backyard oasis. Taking the time to develop this space will help you utilize the land surrounding your cabin more often and help you enjoy it. After all, the great outdoors is part of why you bought a log cabin.

Create a Vision

The first step in creating a backyard oasis for your log home is establishing a vision for the space. At this point, you should consider what activities you would like to do in the area. Examples include eating dinner, having coffee with friends, and curling up with a book.

Once you have a vision in mind, deciding on design becomes more natural. For example, you don’t need a full dining table if your backyard oasis is all about having coffee with friends.

The Outdoor Consideration

Regardless of how sheltered your backyard oasis is, there will be rain and sun exposure. In the interest of keeping your backyard oasis the way you want, consider using only items rated for outdoor use. These products are typically treated to resist the elements and are hardier than their indoor counterparts.

Anchor the Space

Since the great outdoors is vast, it’s essential to define your backyard oasis space. You can begin with something simple like an outdoor area rug if you like. Your other option is to set up furniture groupings. This choice allows you to define the purpose of the various parts of your backyard oasis without becoming locked down in a design.

Add Shady Spots

While the outdoors are pleasant year-round in many parts of the country, sometimes, a little shade goes a long way. Adding shade can be as simple as placing an umbrella and its stand nearby. However, you can also add more elaborate shade, such as a potted tree or building a pergola. It all depends on what fits with your log cabin.

Plan the Lighting

A backyard oasis is often used in the afternoon or evening. As the light wanes, you do not want to run back into your log home for a lantern. Instead, consider how you can integrate lighting into space. Options include umbrella pole lamps, solar lights, and candles. By mixing different types of light, you can also give your backyard oasis a unique ambiance.

Add Colorful and Fun Accents

No space is complete without accents. In the case of your backyard oasis, you can add a color palette worth of accents quickly. Items like colored pillows or unique curios add personality to the space without being overpowering of the relaxing feel.

Place Some Plants

It wouldn’t be the great outdoors without some plants. You can add plants in corners, along cable railings, on tables, and even growing up the wall. There are many different plant options to compliment your backyard oasis space that will thrive. Adding plants is another way to add personality while helping keep your log cabin’s backyard oasis functional.

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