8 Things to Do When Renting a Winter Cabin in Colorado

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You’ve heard about skiing and snowboarding, and how Colorado has some of the premier slopes in the world. However, you may not have heard about the other fun activities you can do while renting a winter cabin. The Colorado Rocky Mountains host everything from ice climbing to snowshoeing to snow festivals.

Ice Climbing

The Colorado Rocky Mountains offer a unique ice climbing experience. There are even companies that take out everyone from beginners to experts, so everyone is guaranteed a good climb. The thrill of clinging to ice is not something you’ll soon forget.


Most of the beautiful hiking trails in Colorado are open to snowshoeing in the winter. Depending on where you rented your winter cabin escape, you may never run out of trail options. Some companies do guided tours, and some of the parks also have rangers who do trips all winter. You may even be able to book special moonlit walks.

Snow Festivals

December to February is prime winter festival time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. From modern holiday festivities to local historical traditions, each town has a unique take on celebrating winter. It’s always worth taking some time away from your winter cabin to check out.

Wildlife Tours

Winter wildlife in Colorado is a spectacular sight to see. Whether from the porch of your winter cabin or out in one of the many open spaces, the wildlife viewing does not disappoint. There are even van tours, so you don’t have to hike through the snow to see the elk, moose, and bighorn sheep.


Snow-tubing is like sledding, only way more fun. Snow-tubing hills are prevalent across the Colorado Rocky Mountains. They’re great alternatives if your family does not already know how to ski or snowboard while still taking you out into the fabulous outdoors.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a great choice, especially if you’re bringing a fisher with you. Many lakes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains freeze over during winter, which makes them perfect for the sport. If you choose this activity, make sure you read up on the regulations and licensing. A fine would undoubtedly ruin your winter cabin getaway.

Hot Springs

The Colorado Rocky Mountains have an abundance of natural hot springs. In fact, you can visit entire towns centered around them. Some are accessible via road, while you can only visit others after a long hike or ski. Chances are, there will be at least on close to your winter cabin rental.

Romantic Getaways

The Colorado Rocky Mountains make a fabulous backdrop for romantic winter getaways. There are a variety of options, regardless of your getaway style. You can stay in elegance in one of the resorts taking in million-dollar views or warm in one of the many hot springs.

There are also stellar options for the adventurous couple. Some of the ski resorts offer on slope dining adventures, for example. Going out into the Colorado backcountry also guarantees that your romantic getaway won’t be interrupted. With uninterrupted panoramas, private hot springs, and more available, your winter cabin rental location can be perfect for this.

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