7 Alternative Building Materials for Homes in 2022

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These days when it comes to construction there is an expanding variety of building materials to choose from, with something to fit every preference. But, in recent years, there has been a push for builders and architects to use eco-friendly, alternative building materials.

Alternative Building Materials in 2022

Many eco-friendly materials are coming up each year, each promising to be better than the last. Here are some excellent materials to use in home construction in 2022.

1. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

ICFs are hollow forms that are used to create the walls of a home. These forms are then filled with concrete to create a stable and durable structure and are reinforced using rebar to make it even stronger. ICFs are also a more energy-efficient building material that will help to insulate a home better and keep heat from escaping during the winter, or entering during the summer.

In addition, unlike other options such as adobe structures, customizing the look of an ICF home is incredibly easy.

2. Composite Decking

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For the outside, there are options like composite decking, which can come in both wood-like and stone appearances. However, unlike actual wood or stone decking, composite decking is more affordable, easier to maintain, and eco-friendly.

Composite decking is generally made from a mix of wood and plastic fibers and made to appear like planks of real wood.

3. Plant-based Polyurethane Rigid Foam

Another alternative building material for 2022 is insulation from plant-based polyurethane rigid foam. These foams can be made from a wide range of plant-based materials, such as bamboo, kelp, and even hemp. This foam insulation offers higher moisture and heat resistance than other insulation options. Plant-based foam also offers better acoustics and protection from mold and pests, and has a higher thermal resistance, making it a better insulator.

4. TruLog Steel Siding

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When looking for an exterior siding for your home, an alternative to traditional building materials is steel siding. Steel siding is an incredibly durable siding that is corrosion resistant, heat resistant, eco-friendly, and can endure harsh weather conditions without cracking, breaking, warping, or denting.

This makes it ideal for areas where things like hail storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are common. It also comes in various styles; TruLog offers steel board and batten siding and steel log siding coated with special paint that is resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling. Their steel log siding is a very popular option for those who want a wood look or a log-cabin style home, without the cost or upkeep required. Their steel log siding looks like real wood but is cheaper, easier to maintain, and much more durable.

5. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Another alternative building material people are turning to frequently is reclaimed wood flooring. This is a kind of flooring that uses wood salvaged from other places, such as farms and old buildings. It is a great, eco-friendly option that keeps this wood from ending up in landfills and can all a lot of character to any home. Beyond that, reclaimed wood floors are a fairly budget-friendly option with options coming in a variety of wood species, such as oak.

6. Low-E Windows

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Low-E windows, or low emissivity windows, are another alternative building material to watch for in 2022. These windows have a clear coating of metallic oxide, which helps to keep heat inside the home during the window, and out during the summer months.

Low-E window coatings are generally used for external storm windows, in houses without double pane windows. There are both soft and hard coatings, with soft coatings–with the soft coating going between layers of glass and the hard coating on the outside of the window.

7. Solar Roof Tiles

Over the years, people have become more conscious and how much they spend on electricity in their homes. Due to electricity costs becoming so high, many people are turning to solar power as a cost-saving alternative. Now, instead of having to go with big solar panels, there is the option of smaller, more compact solar roofing tiles. These are generally made from a rigid material like tempered glass and are easily installed just regular shingles, but with the added benefit of creating electricity during the day.

Go With Alternative Building Materials in 2022

Every year new alternative building materials are coming out that promise to make homes and other structures more durable, eco-friendly, and overall help save builders and homeowners money on construction costs. These are just some of the new building materials to watch for in 2022.

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