6 Ways to Refresh Your Cabin Fireplace

Cabins and fireplaces are a perfect pair. While stone is a classic choice that will never go out style, refreshing your cabin’s fireplace can be a fun project that will breathe new life into your space.

  1. Update Your Mantle
    One simple but striking way to refresh your cabin fireplace is to replace your mantle. It’s a simple, budget-friendly way to completely transform the look and feel of your fireplace.

    Wooden mantles are a great option. They add warmth to the space and draw attention to the fireplace. Choose a wood that matches or complements your cabin walls and flooring.

    Log mantles are a popular choice for cabins and will give your space an upscale look, especially if you have a grand fireplace.

    If you prefer to steer clear of wood, a stone mantle is a good choice. Make sure that the stone matches your fireplace.

  2. Replace Your Screen
    If you’re on a tight budget, something as small and simple as replacing your fireplace screen can make all the difference.
    The right screen can dress up your fireplace or act as a distinctive feature on its own. You can find cabin-themed designs that will complement your space, like those with mountains, bears, wolves, and trees.

  3. Add Artwork
    Refresh your fireplace with eye-catching artwork. Choose pieces that flow with your space and complement the theme of your cabin. Framed artwork can create an elegant look when hung against a stone fireplace.

    Rustic signs and greenery can help create a more rustic, country feel.

    If your TV hangs above the fireplace, try adding some small décor pieces to your mantle. This will add some character and interest without interrupting your viewing space.

  4. Go Industrial
    For a more modern, industrial look, replace your fireplace’s stone façade with concrete. The rich charcoal color will complement your cabin’s wooden interior. This transformation will work well if your cabin has contemporary furniture and decor.

  5. Paint it
    Another simple, inexpensive way to update the look of your fireplace is to paint it. This idea works best with brick fireplaces, but you can also paint stone. White is always a classic choice that will brighten up your space and complement your cabin’s wooden interior.

    Whitewashing can lighten up the stone while still allowing some of its natural beauty to shine through.

    Dark gray, blue or black can also add to the rustic vibe of your space.

  6. Dress Up Your Wood Storage
    If your cabin’s fireplace has inserts for wood storage, dress them up. Add some color, or keep it simple by choosing a minimalistic style. You can add wood storage to your fireplace’s surroundings or even underneath your hearth.

    With the right color and style, you can turn your stacked logs into a focal point or a work of art.

    There are so many ways to refresh your cabin fireplace, and you don’t have to break the bank to achieve these looks. Try one or all of these ideas to transform your cabin’s most famous focal point.

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