6 Flooring Options for Your Log Cabin

Flooring your log cabin can be a daunting prospect. There are many options available, and not all of them will match the aesthetic of your log cabin. However, there are six tried and true options for you to consider.


Hardwood floors are the original choice for log cabins. Since these have been in use for hundreds of years, humans have perfected the care routine for them. The old arguments about warping or staining don’t apply with a proper routine. Refurbishing old hardwood floors often makes them new again too. Hardwood flooring is the traditional choice for your cabin after all and having it lines up with your log cabin feel.

With each plank’s unique character, the rooms of your log cabin will look great. Flooring companies have even started bringing in exotic hardwoods for flooring, so you have your choice of possibilities. Additionally, the durability of wood speaks for itself.

Rugs and Carpeting

Rugs and carpeting are both excellent choices for your log cabin flooring, especially in colder climates. Carpeting provides a soft walking surface while saving bare feet from the inevitable cold floor. Meanwhile, you can swap rugs out as often as you like, which completely changes the look of your log cabin’s rooms. Carpeting and rugs are available in a wide variety of materials to suit any budget.

Stone and Tile

There are many options for tile and stone available around the world. Both supply a durable, creative opportunity for your log cabin. Additionally, it’s now easier than ever to warm tile up during the winter. Heating cables and mats are readily available to ambitious do-it-yourselfers, or you can have them installed with the floors in your log cabins. Warmth floods your floors at the flick of a switch then, removing the arguments against this flooring.

Fiber Flooring

Fiber flooring is a catch-all term for flooring made from natural fibers. Fiber flooring comes in everything from linoleum like sheets up to carpeting and can mimic even stone. Most of it is sustainable, and you can verify that a manufacturer uses sustainable practices by looking up their FSC certification information. Fiber flooring is generally durable and easy to maintain.


Cork is an unconventional flooring choice by many standards. However, your log cabin deserves some uniqueness. Cork flooring no longer resembles billboards or wine corks unless you want it to. Instead, the material is often molded to mimic tile or hardwood. Cork is cushiony and offers terrific sound absorption. This feature makes it an excellent choice for family cabins.


Concrete is no longer just gray slabs. Instead, master pourers can come into your log cabin to create masterpieces. This process is done with a mix of staining and stamping, all while being cost-effective. Additionally, concrete can be overlaid relatively quickly, so you don’t need to rip the house apart to refinish the floors. Adding in-floor heating to concrete, so your feet don’t have to combat the chill, is doable during the installation process.

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