3 Ways To Prevent A Log Home Break In

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As soon as deadbolts first appeared on the market in 1960s, the residential burglaries were not so common anymore. All residences, including log homes, have been safer since then, but there is always a possibility for a burglary or break in to happen.

According to numbers, 25% of the homes in the US have electronic security systems installed, not to mention the superior lock technology, reinforced glass and private armies of security guards

Still, burglaries have always been possible – and always will be. So, instead of thinking of stopping them, you can actually start thinking about preventing one in your log home. With many log homes located in remote areas, it’s important to take all the precautions you can to prevent unwanted visitors. Below, we are listing the three best ways to prevent a break in.

  1. A Better Door
    Your door is the forefront of the house. Not only it increases the curb appeal and makes your home better looking, the entrance door is the main factor when it comes to safety and security. Most of the doors nowadays have a deadbolt lock with a striker plate on the other side of it. Still, reinforcing it and investing in better protection (flip lock, replacing the screws) should always seem like a good idea.
  2. Better Windows
    Aside from the door, investing in better windows is absolutely worth it. Not only you will save on electricity and make your home more energy-efficient, better windows will give you greater safety. Some of the best-case scenarios when it comes to windows include backup locks, stronger window frames, and screws that will potentially hinder the burglar’s criminal operations.
  3. A Solid Alarm System
    There is no burglar on Earth that doesn’t hate a solid alarm system. Basically, the only way to intimidate a burglar is to get him caught by security. Therefore, linking your alarm system to a security service that works 24/7 is another great way to successfully prevent break-ins.

In the end, it is safe to say that a home which can be accessed in under five minutes is every burglar’s dream. In order to make that impossible, you need to consider the tips mentioned above and buy yourself some peace of mind.

While TruLog Steel Log Siding’s tough exterior and great looks might not directly stop a burglar, it’s still a great addition to make a house appear clean and well maintained.   Contact us today and get a FREE estimate on your custom steel log siding project!

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