3 Tips for Buying a Log Cabin That You’ll Love

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Buying a log cabin is one of the most exciting endeavors for soon-to-be homeowners. Cabins bring us closer to the land, creating a connection between the great outdoors and the safe comforts of shelter. Holding a special place in the tradition of homebuilding, log cabins harbor unique lifestyle amenities and provide a place to create new traditions.

Whether you are designing a new log cabin that will be built on a chosen plot of land or you’re browsing the market for log cabins that are looking for new owners, the decisions that go into choosing a log cabin are quite important. Many of the choices you make now will impact your experience of log cabin living down the road.

There are many choices to make in the building and buying process. Before jumping at the first log cabin design that catches your eye, be sure to evaluate some important aspects that will have a lasting effect on your experience. Take a look at these three tips for buying a log cabin.

1. Rustic Cabin or Polished Lodge? 

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Not all log cabins are built equally! There are many different styles available. Before rushing in to the market and settling on the first design you see, consider all the options available. Do you prefer a rustic cabin that is built in harmony to the land? If so, you may want to consider log cabins that showcase unique wood grain and log-style timbers. Additional stone features may also be integral to achieving the rustic look you’re going for.

Or maybe you prefer the look of a polished lodge, with clean architectural lines and evenly-cut exterior siding. If this seems like a more appealing style to you, consider layouts that are symmetrical in design or have measured, geometrical features.

The great thing about steel siding is that both of these styles are achievable. Whether you’re looking for siding that mimics the appearance of rough-cut logs or you want the clean, polished wood appearance of a hunting lodge, steel siding can offer both!

2. Think About the Future

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Another tip for buying a log cabin is to visualize the future—5 or 10 years down the line. How much upkeep or maintenance do you anticipate for the particular materials of the log cabin you are considering? What sort of manual work will be required so the cabin maintains its pristine appearance and performance?

For example, log cabins made of real wood will require some repainting and staining, along with general upkeep from wear and tear, like individual board replacement from warping, rotting, or insect damage. On the other hand, if you’re buying a log cabin made out of steel log siding, it won’t require the same amount of maintenance. That’s because steel log siding is exponentially more durable than wood—even though it achieves the same beautiful appearance.

Thinking about and planning for the future may help you determine what type of material composition you need for your particular log cabin.

3. Environmental Sustainability

Finally, a third tip for buying a log cabin that you’ll love is to consider the consumer impact of your purchase. If reducing your carbon footprint is a priority, then you’ll want to opt for building materials and processes that have minimal negative impact on the environment. As an example, steel siding is a much more earth-friendly building material than real wood, as it doesn’t require cutting down the same amount of timber in order to create the log cabin look.

Another angle of environmental sustainability is the amount of heating and cooling your log cabin will require. Larger cabins will require more energy for temperature control than smaller cabins. Likewise, log cabins with quality insulation will not require as much energy as those built with cheaper, uninsulated designs.

When buying a log cabin, be sure to consider these three elements at the start of your project planning—it will save you time, money and frustration in the long run, and you’ll get to enjoy the log cabin design that is just perfect for you!

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