2015 Outdoor Living Trends that complement your Log Cabin

summer patio photo
Photo by Lars Plougmann

Log cabins can be designed and decorated in a wide array of styles. Whether you want to blend into your natural surroundings or stand out with a statement, your log-style getaway or home should be decorated the way you want. Now that it’s summer, enjoy your outdoor space from dawn ’til dusk with these 2015 patio and backyard trends.

According to BobVila.com and Zillow, the top outdoor-space trends for 2015 include:

  1. Bright colors or neutrals in furniture and accents. Natural, enlivening colors as diverse as lime green and Pantone’s Marsala red are being heralded as top colors for summer 2015. Log-style cabins can look beautiful with a wide range of color accents because the home is typically a natural, neutral color that complements many other hues.
  2. Creating an indoor space, outside. Bringing elements of an indoor living space – couches, pillows, coffee tables – to your log cabin’s outdoor space is a great way to entertain during the summer. Board games, conversation and summer cocktails can all be enjoyed in your inviting outdoor living space.
  3. Outdoor entertainment center. An outdoor movie is one of those quintessential elements of an American summer. You can create your very own movie-in-the-park experience with a projector, flat screen and speakers.
  4. Vertical gardens and growing your own food. Vertical gardens are an excellent way to conserve space, which can be a priority if you live on a smaller property or have limited outdoor space to utilize. If you have more area and a knack for gardening, herb and lettuce gardens create an aesthetically pleasing complement to a rustic log home. Plus, these edible garden selections can be used in salads and snacks when you entertain guests.
  5. Fire features. Log cabins and fire pits create an ambiance characteristic of home, comfort and an American summer evening. A fire pit or outdoor fireplace acts as a visual anchor for your outdoor space and has the utilitarian function of providing light. But the natural light from an open flame is not just functional, it’s also pleasant and comforting.

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