4 Smart Exterior House Renovation Ideas for 2018

4 Smart Exterior House Renovation Ideas for 2018

The way that the exterior of your home looks has a big impact on its value, and the way that it’s perceived. For this reason, renovating your home exterior when it begins to look rundown or out of date is arguably more important that taking care of similar issues on the inside.

There are a lot of ways that you can update your exterior to give it a fresh new look. To be truly on point with today’s trends, though, you’ll need to make sure that whatever you do is not only stylish, but also low-maintenance, durable, sustainable, and eye-catching at the same time.

These exterior house renovation ideas will help you make the most of your space, regardless of what style, size, or needs it has.

1. Steel Log Siding

Rustic modern style has been one of the more popular designs for the last several years – both inside and out. That includes exteriors that give you the look of a rustic log cabin.

Real log cabins are difficult to build and even more difficult to maintain, however, which is why log-look steel siding is such a great option. Install it over your existing home to get the look and style of real logs, but without the need to power wash and stain the logs every few years.

Steel siding doesn’t warp, rot, or chip, and it’s insect and fire resistant as well, so your exterior will look great for years, without maintenance. It also installs over insulation to keep your home more energy efficient as well.

2. Architectural Shingle Roofing

Exterior House Renovation Ideas 1

Your roof plays a big role in your home’s appearance and performance as well. If your roof is aging, you may want to consider upgrading it to new, architectural shingles. Architectural shingles have a lot of dimension to them, along with better appearance and color variation for a fresh look.

They’re also significantly more durable than older roofing shingles, resisting hail and in many cases algae growth as well. This will mean that your roof will perform better and look better longer than many older roofing styles.

3. Front Porch

When industry influencers are surveyed about what exterior features they think that homeowners and potential homebuyers want to see, a new front porch tops every list. Front porches add a lot of style, as well as usable outdoor space to your property.

A front porch can instantly enhance your curb appeal, adding substance and interest to the front of your home. Just make sure that your front porch matches the style, color, and material of the rest of your exterior to get a cohesive look.

4. Cool and Natural Color Palettes

Exterior House Renovation Ideas 2

Cool colors such as black, white, gray, and blue have been the go-to choices for many homes for the last several years. If you’re opting for a rustic or more natural-looking façade, however, the good news is that neutral and natural colors such as tan, brown, and brick red are also great choices for home exteriors right now.

Just make sure that you put that color on a maintenance free material, like steel siding, to ensure that it keeps looking great for many years and you don’t need to spend your time scraping and reapplying.

Renovate Your Home’s Exterior

There are many ways that you can update your home’s exterior to give it a fresh new look. These renovation ideas will help you achieve a new style that’s also durable, long lasting, and fairly maintenance free as well. After all, you have a lot riding on your home’s façade. So take the time to give it a long lasting update with one of these ideas and help see your home in a fresh new light.

The Best Wood Siding Alternative

The Best Wood Siding Alternative

The look and style of wood siding has nearly universal appeal. Unfortunately, as beautiful and versatile as wood is, it’s also extremely high maintenance. Wood can burn, rot, grow mold, absorb water, warp, and it requires nearly endless amounts of care.

Therefore, many homeowners turn to wood siding alternatives to clad their homes. Something that can give them the look of wood, but without the upkeep and maintenance. Some of these materials look good on paper, such as vinyl siding, but come with a wide range of issues all their own.

The best wood siding alternative is one that will give you the look of real wood, but with none of the issues and with no additional concerns. Steel, log-look siding is one option that can help set your home apart from the rest in style, while providing you with the look of real wood and none of the upkeep.

Style and Design

Wood Siding Alternative 1

Rustic design and log cabins have long been popular across the country. In fact, rustic modern design as home exteriors with a lot of texture and depth to them have been increasing in popularity over the last several years as well.

Log-look siding has the same texture, marks, grain, and style as real log homes. But because this is a cladding, rather than actual logs, it can be installed over any existing property, giving your home the look, style, and design you want, but without a lot of invasive demolition or remodeling to achieve.


While steel log-look siding has the same texture, marks, and spacing as real logs, it’s far more durable than real wood. Steel won’t absorb water or swell and warp over time. It doesn’t rot and resists insect activity and mold and mildew growth. It’s also fire resistant and won’t burn in the event of a nearby, exterior flame.

This durability helps set steel siding apart from other wood siding alternatives, like vinyl, which can crack, warp, melt, and even drop right off the home exposing the envelope beneath.


Real log homes may be beautiful, but they require a great deal of upkeep and maintenance. The logs need to be pressure washed and stained on a regular basis to help prevent moisture infiltration, staining or darkening of the wood, and mold and mildew growth.

Steel log-look siding requires far less maintenance. The color or stain does not flake, peel, or discolor with time, so you don’t need to pressure wash and stain your home every few years. The steel is also easy to clean and won’t develop cracks or other flaws like wood will. It’s resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and won’t warp and melt in the heat of the sun.

Having steel log-look siding installed on your home means that you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time maintaining it.

Energy Efficiency

Wood Siding Alternative 2

Wood is a very poor insulator, which means that real wood log homes may have poorly built building envelopes that decrease the energy efficiency of the home. Steel log-look siding is installed over an insulation that fills the back of the siding, increasing the comfort levels of the home inside, and reducing energy consumption by stopping air infiltration – the biggest cause of energy loss in most homes.

Homes clad with steel log-look siding are therefore not only beautiful, but comfortable and more affordable to maintain as well.

Get the Best Wood Siding Alternative

While there are many wood siding alternatives on the market today, only steel log-look siding will give you the looks and style you want, combined with low maintenance, durable, and energy efficient design. Steel won’t crack or rot, and the color won’t peel or chip away. If you’re looking for an exterior cladding for your home that you can enjoy for year after year, while improving your curb appeal and your comfort inside, consider steel log-look siding for the job.

Choosing the Best Fire Resistant House Siding Option

Choosing the Best Fire Resistant House Siding Option

Considered one of the most destructive events that can occur on your property, home fires are not only scary but at the very least can lead to expensive repairs and remodels. House fires can occur for a number of reasons, many of which are preventable, and though homeowners can’t necessarily stop a raging wildfire in their community, there are ways to bolster your exterior in order to reduce damage as much as possible.

Preventing fires inside buildings is not exactly an unfamiliar subject, with the majority of homeowners already having early detection systems (smoke alarms) in place and perhaps a few fire extinguishers in their house, garage, and shop. However, far too many homes have exteriors that either provide poor protection against fires or are clad in materials that could even exacerbate high temperatures, causing a heat spot to actually ignite.

The exterior of your home isn’t just there to make your house look beautiful, but rather should be considered your first line of defense against a fire. Fire-resistance should be a top deciding factor when searching for new siding for your home, particularly if you live in a rural region where wildfires are a very real possibility.

TruLog Steel Design

There are few, if any, commonly available home siding materials that are as non-combustible and protective as steel siding.

Steel siding is capable of withstanding incredibly high temperatures and even direct flame contact for an impressive amount of time before losing strength. TruLog log siding is made of 28 gauge thick steel and when installed offers complete protection. Even the built-in chink lines will still have steel behind the chinking, which is important in the event of the chinking failing during a fire.

TruLog is designed with a styrofoam backer, which is covered by the steel siding to protect it from high-heat and flame as well. This foam backing helps give the TruLog siding better impact-resistance, which can also play a role in reducing the damage of a fire by helping prevent the siding from cracking and thus exposing the flammable interior.

TruLog vs Timber

Fire Resistant House Siding Options 1

There is little doubt that a log home is a sight to behold. These real timber homes are classically attractive, welcoming, and charming in their own way. Rural homes are often clad in real wood as it blends in so naturally with the environment. Unfortunately, wood is not an ideal material to have on your home in the event of a fire.

Wood is clearly a combustible material, not able to resist high-heat or flame contact for long. Wood is also going to exacerbate a fire, potentially causing far more destruction to the home than what would have happened with steel. Another thing you must consider if you’re tempted to get real wood is that the paint, sealant and other surface treatments required may be accelerants.

Timber is high-maintenance and most homeowners are aware that this maintenance includes the regular application of surface treatments, like paint. What homeowners may not realize is that these chemicals can actually ignite when exposed to high-heat, thereby causing a fire to actually start. Once this occurs a fire can spread devastatingly fast as the surface treatment combusts along the exterior.

TruLog has a convincingly realistic wood texture and none of the characteristic weaknesses of wood. Being able to still get your timber log home look, but with superior protection against a fire is clearly a win-win for homeowners.

Inherently Resilient

Steel is naturally resistant to fire. Even in a weakened state steel won’t melt. More importantly, steel is fairly neutral in the sense that it isn’t going to exacerbate a fire or cause a hot spot to turn into a fire. For example, vinyl siding may develop a hot spot, begin to melt, and eventually combust, causing a house fire to occur. This same situation is essentially impossible with steel.

Going back to the comparison of a real timber log home, real wood is not natural fire resistant. Homes clad in real wood pose a potentially very serious risk when it comes to high heat and flames. Many homeowners with wood siding end up treating their home with flame-retardant chemicals, which is not only questionable when it comes to environmental health, but just adds more to the to-do list of already high-maintenance timber.

Worry-Free Safe Log Home

Fire Resistant House Siding Options 2

In the event of an accidental fire or if you’ve just been put on watch for a nearby wildfire, as a homeowner you will find that the peace of mind knowing your home is properly clad in fire-resistant materials goes a long way. Not only will TruLog siding provide superior protection in a fire compared to alternative materials, but it also is overall a low-maintenance, beautiful material. TruLog will not just protect your home against fires, but also against harsh storms, hail, high winds, and the most extreme temperature swings.

If you’re preparing to side a newly built house or are looking to reside your existing home with a high-performance material, TruLog siding is a very rewarding route to go.

Lighting and Log Homes

interior lighting photoLighting and log homes don’t always mix easily.  Sometimes you may experience difficulty striking the perfect balance between not enough light and too much light in your home. This situation becomes more difficult if by chance your home is built from logs, which are known to naturally absorb light. Even if you own a faux log home, traditional rustic decoration and furniture can incorporate darker, natural colors and require more intense lighting.   If this is the case, then you’ll need to judiciously make use of some features and up the ante with extra lumens.

The power of lighting

Correct use of lighting in a room has the subtle power to transform large rooms and make them appear cozy and inviting or make small rooms look open and airy. This is often referred to as a lighting strategy by professional designers. However, if you are a log home owner, then you will definitely require a lighting strategy for your log home. This owes to the fact that the wood in the walls and ceilings absorbs light than a conventional home does. So, we advise you take the following tips into consideration if you are planning your log home’s lighting scheme.

Stay On Track | Use Track Lighting:

You can achieve this by highlighting different aspects of a room and simply install rail systems or track lighting on ceilings, walls or even exposed beams. Home experts say a little directional lighting would help create interest and really shows off the walls.

On the other hand, more than track lighting; Rail systems are more versatile. This is because they are available in both geometric shapes and wavy lines which makes them capable of bending around corners. They are often made with warm bronze finish by many manufacturers and this makes them look amazing in log homes.

Bounce Off the Walls | Add Light Fixtures to Your Walls:

According to expert decorators, if fixtures are attached to walls, they can add soft lighting. The same goes with sconces; they make the entire room glow. So when dealing with a log home, particularly those with cathedral ceilings, sconces are very useful for bringing the light down to the human level.

Incorporate Uplig-hting

If you want to amplify ambient light in a room, then up-lighting comes handy. However, in a situation where there is a low, light-colored ceiling, you can use standing floor lamps like torchieres to bounce light.

You can also add up-lights at the nine-foot level in order to brighten cathedral ceilings. Doing this will help showcase log trusses and keep the light from getting lost in the rafters.

Increase Diversity | Combine Methods for Maximum Results:

For the whole room’s illumination, it’s advisable not to completely rely on one ceiling fixture, as down-lighting from one central location would definitely create glare. Interior decoration is vastly moving, thus the latest trend is moving away from overhead lighting and then add a number of light sources in each room which you can also spread to create up-to three to four different layers of light. You can make use of some kind of accent lights, and chandelier task lamps to do the trick. However, a total of 3 watts per square foot should adequately illuminate a room.

5 Stunning Exterior Home Design Ideas

5 Stunning Exterior Home Design Ideas

Rustic modern, resort, chateau, and log-style homes are all incredibly popular right now – and with good reason. These homes styles call to mind a vacation getaway, someplace special right where you are.

Thankfully, with new materials, such as steel log-look siding, it’s possible to create this type of look on any style of home. Whether you want something that’s over the top or understated, there’s a way to capture the appeal of rustic modern architecture for your exterior.

If you’re looking for ways to help transform your house, consider any of these five, stunning home exterior design ideas.

1.Triple Tone

Stunning Home Exterior Design Ideas 1

One of the best things about working with natural wood, as well as with wood-look products, is the ability to get a lot of different tones that coordinate well together in one space. This home uses a rich cedar color over the majority of the exterior. The trim, however, is a darker shade that matches the color of the metal roof and gutters for a cohesive look.

To create an accent and focal point in the front of the home, the fence around the patio area is a much lighter wood tone, which still blends perfectly with the rest of the exterior, creating a rich, dynamic appearance.

2. Mixed Material

Stunning Home Exterior Design Ideas 2

When creating a rustic-looking façade for your home, you can sometimes achieve great effects by mixing materials. In this case, fieldstone is used as an accent along the front of the home, as well as on the front of the chimney. This provides a rich contrast to the canyon red-color of the siding, and helps to cement the idea of a rustic, chateau-style home. The color of the trim surrounding the garage doors picks up one of the darker shades from the fieldstone, helping to create an encompassing design.

3. Naturally Complementary

Stunning Home Exterior Design Ideas 3

The further apart you can put two colors on the color wheel, the more dynamic and striking the results when they’re viewed together. Known as complementary colors, shades that sit across from one another on the color wheel create a very dramatic appearance for your home’s exterior.

In this case, a rich, red cedar color is used on the siding, while the roof and gutters are done in a complementary shade of green. Together, the two colors also mirror the natural surroundings of the home, which is demonstrated in the front landscaping. Altogether, this helps to produce a beautiful, and natural curb appeal that’s sure to draw everyone’s attention.

4. Understated Appeal

Stunning Home Exterior Design Ideas 4

You don’t need to create a highly dramatic look to get appealing results. Some homes and architectural types work better when you use a more understated or subtle color scheme and trim. In this case, a light sable brown blends beautifully with a gray roof and gutters.

The lack of decorative trim means that the log-look siding gets to take center stage, standing out and helping to give the home its personality.

5. Emphasis of Line

Stunning Home Exterior Design Ideas 5

This simple home exterior also lets the log-look siding take precedence in terms of architecture and decorative elements. What sets it apart from the crowd is the way that the windows help to mimic the lines and shape of not only the building, but also the roof line.

In turn, the metal roof creates lines that contrast beautifully with the angle of the siding, creating a rich design that’s also simple and understated in its completion. Given the wide-open spaces around the home, this type of approach lets it stand out, but without overwhelming the area its located in.

Give Your Home a Stunning New Look

If you’ve been thinking of giving your home a makeover to meet one of the hot new trends in exterior design, consider using log-look siding to help you achieve your results. Whether you choose a look that’s dynamic or understated, you’re sure to get an exterior that turns everyone’s heads once you’re through.

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